Bargaining Units

  • City Schools employees are members of one of six bargaining units (or are unaffiliated). An employee must accept his or her union assignment; the assignment is a condition of the employee’s position, is based on state regulations and is approved by the Board of School Commissioners.

    Baltimore Teachers Union

    One of two "certificated" units, the BTU represents teachers who are certificated professionals with primary focus on delivery of instruction, direct instructional support or related services.

    Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel

    This unit, part of the BTU, includes noncertificated, nonsupervisory professional, office, clerical and administrative support positions in schools and the district office, as well as traditional paraprofessionals (e.g., paraeducators, noninstructional assistants, team support paraprofessionals, special education assistants, licensed therapy assistants and school aides.

    Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association

    PSASA, the district's second certificated unit, includes certificated academic administrators and supervisors.

    City Union of Baltimore

    CUB includes noncertificated supervisory positions.

    American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 44

    The Local 44 unit includes noncertificated, nonsupervisory positions that involve service and maintenance support.

    Fraternal Order of Police

    The FOP unit includes School Police Officer I and II, School Police Corporal, School Police Sergeant and School Police Lieutenant.


    Maryland State Department of Education regulations provide that all City Schools employees must be assigned to bargaining units with the exception of employees whose positions are classified as confidential or managerial. A position is confidential if its responsibilities involve access to specific information regarding the City Schools' collective bargaining process. A position is managerial if its primary responsibilities involve system-level decision making.

    There is no negotiated agreement that covers unaffiliated employees.