• Associated Offices

    Office of Human Capital
    200 E. North Avenue, Room 110
    • Employee Records
      • Complete forms for employment, salary and wage inquiries.
      • Transferring sick leave balance to another county’s schools system
    • Compensation
      • Salary/Wage questions
      • Questions about Steps or AU’s
      • Salary Adjustments and Retroactive payments
    • Licensure and Highly Qualified (Certification)
      • Questions about receipt of transcripts and salary adjustments due to completion of college courses or degree programs
    • Labor Relations
      • Grievances
    • Employee Services
      • Change your Address
      • Adding Dependents on to your insurance
      • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Talent Management
      • Staffing Issues
        • Employee has reported but is not on your payroll list
        • Employee has not reported to work, but remains on your payroll list
        • Employee has resigned
    • Benefits
      • FLSA
      • Open Enrollment
      • Health Care Providers
      • State and City Retirement


    Municipal Employees Credit Union
    Phone: 410-752-8313; 800-248-MECU (6328)
    Website: www.mecu.com

    Baltimore City Child Support Enforcement Administration
    Phone: 410-951-8000
    Other Counties Phone: 410-962-1110; 800-332-6347
    Website: http://www.dhr.state.md.us/csea/index.php

    Employees’ Retirement System of Baltimore City
    Phone: 443-984-3200
    Website: http://www.bcers.org/

    State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland
    Phone: 410-625-5555
    Website: http://www.sra.state.md.us/

    Employee Assistance Program: Value Options
    Phone: 866-529-8063
    Website: https://www.achievesolutions.net/achievesolutions/en/bcpss/Home.do

    AFSCME Local 44
    Phone: 410-937-7278
    Website: http://www.afscme67.org/

    Baltimore Teachers’ Union (BTU)
    Phone: 410-358-6600
    Website: http://md.aft.org/btu/

    City Union of Baltimore
    Phone: 410-962-1492
    Website: http://md.aft.org/cub/

    Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel (PSRP)
    Phone: 410-358-6600
    Website: http://md.aft.org/btu/

    Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PSASA)
    Phone: 410-243-4310
    Website: http://psasa.org/