• Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I find my employee ID number?

    You can find your employee ID number on your pay stub or listed below your name on the sign in sheet at your school or central office organization.

    2. How often will I be paid?

    Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Payday is generally on a Friday, unless there is a holiday or district closure. You can refer to the Pay Period and Processing Schedule in the Calendars & Schedules Section for exact dates.

    3. How will I be paid?

    Employees are paid either by check or direct deposit. To set up direct deposit, employees must complete and turn in the Payroll Direct Deposit Form with an attached voided check or a typed letter from their financial institution to the Payroll Office. The Payroll Office will not honor any hand written requests.

    4. How long does it take to set up Direct Deposit?

    It takes 2 to 3 pay periods (4-6 weeks) for Direct Deposit to be set up. Employees will receive a pay check at their school or central office organization until the direct deposit becomes active.

    5. I have Direct Deposit. How do I get a copy of my paystub?

    Employees have access to their paystubs via Employee Self Service.

    If an employee does not have a log in and password, they can contact ITD at 410-396-8182 to get a log in and password assigned to them.

    6. I am missing hours on my paycheck, what do I do?

    If you are missing hours from your regular pay, contact your payroll contact at your school or central office organization. The payroll contact will then complete a retro-correction form and submit it to the payroll office. The payroll office will inform the Payroll Contact of when and how the correction will be processed. If a Quick Pay Check is going to be processed for an employee, the Payroll Contact will inform the employee as to when the check can be picked up. Please note that Quick Pay Checks are not processed daily and can be picked up after 4:00 PM on the day of processing.

    7. I participated in a paid training or after school program and did not get paid, what do I do?

    If you participated in a paid training or after school program and have yet to be compensated, contact the department or school that held the training/program. It is important that when you participate in a training/program that you note the date of the training, the department or school holding the training/program and the contact information for the coordinator of the training/program. They will be able to inform you of when the payment for training/program will be processed by their office/school.

    8. I have a MECU account and would like to have a set amount deducted from my check and put into my account. How would I do that?

    In order to set up a voluntary deduction to be deposited into your MECU account, you will have to visit your MECU branch and have the deduction set up through the bank. This service is only available to MECU customers. City Schools does not have any agreements with any other banks or credit unions for voluntary deductions.

    9. Can I have my direct deposit split between two bank accounts?

    The Payroll Office can only deposit your check into one bank account. If you would like to have money deposited into an additional account, you will have to set up automatic transfers between your accounts through your bank.

    10. How can I get a copy of my W-2?

    Current employees can access their W-2 through Employee Self Service. Annually the Payroll Office Issues a hard paper copy of the W-2 to all employees’ current and former who have worked during the tax year at the end of January. For current employee’s, the paper copy is sent to their school or central office organization. Former employees and substitute teacher’s W-2’s are mailed to the address on file. If you have moved it is important that you update your address with the Human Capital Office or on Employee Self Service.

    11. I did not receive my W-2 in the mail. What do I do?

    If you are a former employee, contact the payroll office. Your W-2 may have been returned in the mail and may be here in our office. If it is not, you can request a duplicate copy of your W-2 by completing the W-2 request form. The form can either be faxed to 410-625-0321 or a scanned copy can be emailed to the Payroll office at payroll@bcps.k12.md.us.

    Substitute teachers are encouraged to enroll in Employee Self Service. However you may contact the Payroll office as your W-2 may also have been returned in the mail. If your W-2 has been returned you may pick it up from the payroll office during our office hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

    All other employees are encouraged to enroll in Employee Self Service. There you will have access to your W-2.

    12. A check was mailed to my home address and I never received it. What shall I do?

    If you did not receive a check that was mailed to your home address, first, you would contact the Payroll Office to initiate the Stop Payment Process, by completing a Stop Payment Form. Please note that this form has to be filled out in the Payroll Office. If you should fill it out before bringing it to the Payroll Office, it will have to be notarized by a Notary. Therefore, the Payroll Office cannot accept copies or faxes of this form. Second, you would check with Human Capital or go on Employee Self Service to verify the address that is on file with the City Schools. If the address is incorrect, then you would change it to the correct address.

    13. I resigned or am retiring from my position. How long does it take to receive any payouts/severances?

    Sick Leave, Vacation Leave and Personal Leave payouts/severances are processed and mailed to the employee within 6 – 8 weeks after Human Capital has terminated the employee’s assignment.

    14. I changed jobs/schools and my direct deposit stopped. How do I get it back?

    If you find that with a recent job change you are now receiving checks instead of getting direct deposit, contact the Payroll Office immediately. A specialist will be able to assist you and help reinstate your direct deposit.

    15. I changed jobs and my leave balances are incorrect. How do I get my leave back?

    If you find that with a recent job change your leave balances have all gone to zero or are incorrect, contact the Payroll Office immediately. A specialist will take your information and an investigation into your leave balances will be conducted. Please note that it sometimes takes up to two (2) pay periods for leave balances to be restored. If after two (2) pay periods, you do not see a correction, contact the payroll office again for an update.

    16. My school submitted a correction form for some omitted time. Can my check be direct deposited into my account?

    Quick pays are special pay runs that are issued as checks only. Your pay can only be direct deposited through a regular pay period end pay run.

    17. I am working over the summer; however I am receiving checks and not direct deposit. Can my summer pay be direct deposited?

    If the direct deposit information is the same information as your regular 10 month assignment, notify the Payroll Office to request that your direct deposit information be copied into the summer assignment.

    18. I closed my checking/savings account and did not receive my pay. Can a check be issued right away?

    Always notify the Payroll Office prior to closing your account to prevent funds from being sent to a closed account. Otherwise, a check will be issued within 3 business days after the funds have been successfully returned/credited back to Baltimore City Public Schools.