• Employee Self Service FAQs

    1. What is Payroll Self Service?

      Payroll Self Service is a part of the Employee Self Service System that allows employees to access personal payroll information 24/7 from any computer with Internet access. The Payroll Self Service feature provides immediate answers to some of the most frequently asked payroll questions, such as pay history, tax status, direct deposit and more.

    2. Will the Online Earnings and Deductions Statement provide the same details the paper pay stubs do?

      Yes, you can get the exact same information online, and you can print the data from the Web site for your files. For your convenience, your records for the full calendar year are available online.

    3. How can I get a copy of my paycheck information if I do not have a personal computer at my work location?

      You can use a personal computer or PC at home, at a public library, or at one of BCPS’s kiosk locations. There is a kiosk at the front counter of the Payroll Office in the Administration Building that employees may use. Or ask the person who is responsible for submitting your payroll if you can use their PC or ask someone within your organization who does have a PC if you can use it for a few minutes twice/three times per month.

    4. When will paycheck information be posted on the Employee Self Service System?

      You will be able to access your paycheck information beginning on Thursday at noon prior to the regular scheduled payday.

    5. If I call Payroll on payday, will they tell me the amount deposited into my bank account?

      No. Out of concern for your confidentiality, Payroll staff will not reveal your net pay over the telephone. Most financial institutions provide an automated system where you can learn the amount of your deposit.

    6. Do these changes impact me since I receive a paycheck?

      No. These procedures affect employees enrolled in direct deposit. However, paycheck information will be located on the web site for employees who continue to receive hard copy paychecks. We urge all employees to use direct deposit for the security and efficiency the system provides.

    7. What if I find a discrepancy on my pay statement?

      Follow normal procedures. Talk to your payroll contact/approver about the discrepancy. No changes can be made without your Manager’s written authorization.

    8. If I can see my check online, are my funds available?

      Funds will still be available in your bank account on payday (Friday).

    9. How secure is my system information?

      The Employee Self Service System is on the BCPS internal network. There are multiple firewalls in place that keep unwanted visitors off the system. It has all the security any other BCPS confidential application or system has

    10. How far back can I view my pay history on Employee Self Service?

      Employees will be able to view their pay checks on-line back to January 2009.

    11. How often are my paychecks or advices posted for me to review online?

      Paycheck and advice information is posted on Thursday at noon before your regularly scheduled payday.

    12. Will this self-service online application mean that we will no longer receive our pay stubs?

      Yes. Effective July 10, 2009, paper pay stubs will be discontinued for all employees.

    13. What assurances do employees have with regards to the privacy and security of our personal and payroll information using this application?

      Employee Self Service employs all existing industry security standards to safeguard the privacy and security of your personal and payroll information. This includes password protection, encryption, and firewalls. In addition, bank account information has been masked to only display partial information, and Social Security Numbers are not displayed.

    14. What will happen when I resign or retire – Will I still be able to access my paycheck information?

      You will not be able to access your paycheck information when you resign or retire. You will need to contact the Payroll Office for copies of your paycheck information