Recognizing and Retaining Effective Teachers

  • Just as students are assessed to identify strengths and weaknesses and ensure ongoing growth, teachers should be assessed so that they, too, can keep improving. From lesson planning and selecting appropriate assignments, to managing the classroom and working with individuals, small groups and whole classes of students, to communicating with parents — there are many aspects to teaching effectively, and always room for growth. City Schools' teacher evaluation process is designed to help teachers grow professionally and to enable school leaders to provide appropriate support. The evaluation occurs over the course of the school year and includes several steps and numerous information sources, so that it can paint a complete picture of a teacher's professional practice.

    And, as a special celebration of excellence, City Schools each year recognizes a Teacher of the Year

    As teachers become increasingly effective, they are rewarded by moving up steps in a career ladder:

    career pathways

    As they move from pathway to pathway, teachers gain new opportunities to serve in new professional roles as well as increased compensation.