Registering for Middle School

  • Students entering grade 6 to 8 at City Schools have several options.

    Neighborhood schools 

    middle school

    City Schools offers both neighborhood elementary/middle schools (serving pre-k or kindergarten to grade 8) and neighborhood schools that serve middle grades only. For students and families who want to attend school close to home, this is an option to consider. To register, simply locate your neighborhood school and then stop by that school's office to pick up registration information and forms.

    Charter schools

    City Schools includes numerous charter schools across the city, with different grade ranges, areas of academic focus and approaches to teaching and learning. Contact charter schools of interest directly about their application procedures.

    Middle school choice

    Because students do best when they attend a school that meets their needs and interests, City Schools' 5th-grade students can choose a school to attend in grade 6. The options include elementary/middle schools with special academic programming, citywide middle schools and combined middle/high schools.