Supporting Teachers with Ongoing Professional Development

  • City Schools strives to transform school culture and the workforce through a research-based comprehensive teacher development and induction system that values proactive, long-term development, cycles of reflection and co-investigation with outstanding teachers, and classroom based learning that meets the changing needs of all teachers.

    In addition to the guidance provided through the Instructional Framework and Rubric and by ongoing consideration of student achievement data, City Schools provides teachers with professional development opportunities throughout the school year. The district's contract with the Baltimore Teachers Union encourages teachers to pursue high-quality professional development programs that have been developed and reviewed by district leaders; through these approved programs, teachers can earn "Achievement Units" that contribute to their progress up their career ladder

    Cycle of Support and Development 

     Cycle of Development
    Learn -  Teachers learn new techniques and instructional strategies.
    Implement -  Participants implement new techniques and instructional strategies.
    Reflect -  Participants reflect on their new techniques and instructional strategies by considering outcomes and next steps.
    Share -  Staff present their work to peers and leaders.
    Feedback -  At all points of professional development, participants receive meaningful feedback from their facilitator.
    In addition to professional development opportunities, City Schools supports early career teachers through New Teacher Support and Site Based Mentoring. Approximately 1,600 Baltimore City Public Schools teachers are in their first, second, or third year of teaching. The Office of Teacher Support and Development provides specialized support to these teachers in order to meet the unique needs of teachers early in their career.The Site Based Mentor is integral to the support, development and retention of highly effective teachers. 
    City Schools’ online Professional Growth System provides teachers and their administrators with an easy-to-use and efficient way to identify and track completion of professional development opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a City Schools teacher, check out our current teaching opportunities.