Effective School Leaders

  • Effective school leaders foster all the components of effective schools, creating environments that support effective teachers — with the result that excellent teaching and learning take place for all students.

    City Schools is building a culture that cultivates, recognizes and supports effective leadership. To ensure that school leaders are successful, the district has developed and implemented a School Leader Framework and Rubric Adobe PDF icon  that describes the key areas of focus and action that go into effective leadership and serves as an evaluative tool. The framework recognizes that school leaders play an important role in student achievement by
    • Attracting quality teachers
    • Providing effective instructional guidance and support
    • Involving the school’s community
    • Being fiscally prudent and responsible

    Professional growth in leadership strengthens schools and can have a profound effect in raising academic achievement. A system of career pathways has been created in City Schools encouraging school leaders to advance their careers, at their own pace, through four school leader career pathways; standard, professional, transformational, and distinguished. Each pathway builds upon each other designed to improve school leadership effectiveness.

    Additionally, school leaders contribute to the district's goal of cultivating leadership within their own schools by supporting teachers' movement up career pathways and through the Growing Great Leaders program, which identifies school staff with leadership potential early in their careers and provides them with experiences and development opportunities that build the skills needed to become effective principals. Additionally, this program also supports existing principals and assistant principals, with focused learning experiences that help them become more effective in their work. If you are interested in becoming a City Schools' school leader, check out our current school leadership opportunities.