Teachers: Building Effectiveness in the Classroom

  • Be inspired by award-winning City College teacher Mark Miazga. Watch more stories on Vimeo.

    Effective teachers are professionals who plan, teach and then reflect and adjust their teaching to develop students’ skills and abilities. They create classrooms full of energy and enthusiasm, and they inspire students to reach high and achieve their potential. Their work is at the core of students' success.

    City Schools is committed to ensuring that every student experiences effective teaching; at the same time, school and district leaders, as well as teachers themselves, know that teaching is complex. To teach effectively, teachers require professional development, tools and support from colleagues, school leaders and the district as a whole. 

    Find out about the deliberate planning and steps City Schools is taking to ensure the effectiveness of its teachers, from innovative programs for new teachers to to support and recognition for teachers as they grow in the profession.