• RESERVATION REQUEST FORMS: Click here to download form.

    *Please make sure you read the General Off Limit Times section before making the request.

    • Permission to use school facilities shall only be granted to users who meet all the standards of the facility use policy FKA. The facility use regulation FKA-RA includes requirements for facility users that include responsibility for any damage to the grounds, buildings, or contents resulting from the use of school facilities. Permission to use school facilities is granted only when a Space and Use Agreement has been processed and finalized by the Office of the Chief Operating Officer. Space and Use Agreements are non-transferable and all unauthorized users will be required to immediately vacate school facilities where permission has not been granted. 
    • Organizations wishing to use a school facility, parking lot, and/or field must make an initial request to the school principal. School facilities may only be used at times that will not interfere with regular school sessions and/or other bona fide educational activities and programs of the school system. School principals must consult their master calendar to determine availability of the requested room, location, or field. If a school principal has any concerns related to the request, such as a potential conflict with another scheduled request, he/she should include such comments or concerns in the application. School principals shall also inform the Chief Operating Officer or designee whenever a request is considered unusual or raises a concern (e.g., principal is a relative, has interest in, or is associated with the requesting organization). School principals do not make the actual determination to accept or deny applications. Instead, school principals are to indicate the availability or non-availability and any specific concerns related to the request. The actual or final decision to grant approval is made by the Chief Operating Officer or designee. 
    • Certificate of Insurance from an insurance company licensed to conduct business in the State of Maryland must be submitted by all space and use agreement applicants. The applicant must maintain throughout the term of this agreement, a commercial general liability insurance policy with limits of $1,000,000 and shall name the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners for the Baltimore City Public School System and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore as additional insureds on the policy. A copy of the insurance certificate shall be presented with the application. If the applicant has any employees on site during activities, the applicant must provide proof of workers’ compensation coverage. Exceptions: City Schools, City Schools organized parent groups, government agencies (city, county, state & federal), the Board and requests for parking permits. 
    • Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event/activity. Applicants shall not negotiate with nor compensate any City Schools staff member directly. Staffing fees must cover a period of time beginning at least one hour before and lasting one hour after the event or meeting. 
    • Following review and acceptance of the application, the applicant shall make payment online or by mail by certified check or money order, payable to the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, and submit payment to the Chief Operating Officer’s Real Estate section as identified below. Cash, company checks, or personal checks will not be accepted. Failure to make prompt payment will result in cancellation of the application. Upon receipt of payment, verification of the Space and Use Agreement will be issued to the following: 
    1. School principal. 
    2. Requesting organization. 
    3. Facilities maintenance and operations.
    4. School police.
    5. Department of Finance, Accounts Receivable.
    • City Schools may refuse the use of any school facility if it appears that the use is likely to provoke or add to a public riot or breach of the peace or create a clear and present danger to the peace and welfare of the City of Baltimore or the State of Maryland. If City Schools must cancel the use of space due to a problem with an approved site, all efforts will be made to arrange an alternative site. When school facilities are closed due to an emergency, inclement weather, or any other event that is beyond the control of City Schools, community-use activities will also be canceled. In such instances, the applicant may request reimbursement of fees or a rescheduled date.
    • A minimum of three working days prior to the date of the use is required to cancel the permit by the applicant in order to secure a refund. If notice is not given, City Schools will assess fees reflecting all costs incurred.
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    Note: In accordance with Board policies, permission to use school facilities will be granted only under the following conditions:
    • The user shall pay for all necessary fees.
    • The possession, use, or distribution of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and all illegal substances upon school premises is prohibited.
    • Only the room or area specified in the application and permit is to be used.
    • The user shall bear the responsibility of all damages to the building or its contents caused by the permit holder and guests of the permit holder.
    • The user shall indemnify and hold harmless the Board, the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, and their appointed officials, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, suits, and actions as a result of issuing a space use agreement.
    • All meetings held by non-school groups in school facilities shall be open to the public, subject to any admission charge.
    • An audit report showing the use made of all funds collected in connection with an event may be requested and, if requested, be submitted to the Board/designee.
    • City Schools employees shall have access to any part of the school facility at all times.
    • If police and/or fire department services are needed, it is the responsibility of the organization using the school facility to arrange for these services.