Competitive Grants Acquisition Part 2: Detailed Pre-Program Outline

  • After discussing your grant opportunity and answers to part 1 with the Office of Engagement, this detailed pre-program outline answers key questions and will help move the grant development process forward efficiently. Please cut and paste this information into a Microsoft Word document and fill out as much of the information below as you can. The Office of Engagement will then review the outline with you and help you complete items as necessary. See Part 3 for a sample outline.

    New Program Proposal

    Name of the Program: 

    In which office will the program sit? If there is more than one possibility, in which other offices could this sit? Who is ultimately responsible (for example, the Chief Academic Officer)?

    What other offices/organizations (internal and/or external to City Schools) will need to be involved?

    Who will be the point person for the program, responsible for applying for the grant and implementing the program?
    Please give that person’s contact information.

    Issue Identification: What issue or issues will this program address? Describe the issue, its size, and why it exists.

    Program Theory: Why will the proposed program correct/address the issue?

    Evidence: What research/evidence supports your program?

    Program Design: Please give a brief overview of the program that will be delivered in accordance with the program theory. What processes, activities and/or services will the program provide and who will provide them (including outside partners, if applicable)? Include staffing and major materials that will be provided and who will receive the program’s services.

    Inputs: What program resources (including staff and administrators, money, volunteers, equipment, supplies, facilities, etc.) are necessary for this program to be implemented? Indicate whether these resources are currently available, could be provided through City Schools funding, or will need to be funded through outside sources. Please provide a basic budget for this program.

    Outputs: What direct, measurable products will the program deliver? Outputs do not measure quality, just quantity. For example, number of hours of Professional Development, number of teachers who received training, number of books distributed, etc.

    Outcomes (short and/or long-term): What changes are expected to occur because of the program? What will this program actually accomplish? For example, increased student achievement, increased teacher retention, higher literacy rates, etc. These can include both quantitative and qualitative measures.

    How will these outcomes be measured? Is this data currently collected by City Schools or will new processes need to be created? Who is responsible for collecting this information?

    What is the timeframe for this program?

    : If applicable, how will the program sustain itself after the grant has been exhausted?

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