• Competitive Grants Acquisition

    Part 1: Initial Questions

    Before beginning a grant application, an applicant should have considered these questions:

    Please describe the proposed program.

    How is this program aligned with the school board’s aspirational goals and priorities?

    Does City Schools already have a similar/identical program? Is this an expansion, or an attempt to
    replace funding that is expiring? Or is this a new idea?

    Which, if any, funders have expressed interest in supporting programs such as yours? Please supply the funder/grant information.

    Is this new program realistic and feasible? Does City Schools have the capacity to implement and monitor this program?
    Will City Schools carry this program out directly or through a partner?

    What do you know about the funding environment for this proposal? Is this an application for a highly competitive grant?
    How many awards is the grantor making, how many applicants are there typically, might the award amount be split, etc? Is the reward worth the risk/work?