Grant-Writing Toolkit

  • City Schools is thankful for all of its many partners that help support our students and schools. The following toolkit will help parents, partners, community members and others who wish to apply for a grant that will help a school with the grant-writing process.  City Schools can also help with letters of support. For more information on grants, please email the Engagement department or call 443-984-2000.

    If you represent an outside organization and want to partnerwith City Schools on a grant application:

    1. Contact City Schools at 443-984-2000 or email the Engagement department.

    2. The Engagement department will work with the grant leads to coordinate a grant application team, develop a concept paper, and facilitate the application process.

    3. The Engagement department will work with the lead contacts, grants administration, relevant departments, and legal as necessary to obtain all needed data, approvals, coversheets, sign-offs, and signatures.

    If you are writing a grant, use these helpful links:

    Grant writing ABCs  
    Part 1: Questions to think about
    Part 2: Pre-Program Outline
    Part 3: Sample Pre-Program Outline