Teacher Certification in Maryland

  • Frequently asked questions

    Who needs a Maryland certificate?
    Anyone employed as a teacher, instructional specialist, instructional supervisor or administrator of instruction in a public school system in Maryland is required to hold a valid Maryland teaching, specialist, supervisor or administrative certificate (as applicable for each position); this is your license to teach in an accredited public school in Maryland.

    There are a number of pathways toward Maryland certification, including graduation from an approved educator preparation program, transfer of a certificate from another state (with required documentation), and participation in an alternate route program. Please visit the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) websitelink opens a new window for more information on certification pathways.

    How do I know what type of certificate I'm eligible to receive?
    The City Schools’ certification team will conduct evaluations and apply for certificates for all new hires that require a certificate. If you are not a City Schools employee, contact the Maryland State Department of Educationlink opens a new window to learn more.

    What information is included on a Maryland certificate?
    Certificates indicate the educator's name, last four digits of the Social Security number, certificate validity period , highest degree earned, type of certificate, and certified areas or fields. Under the area/field listing, an "R" for credits earned in reading education is displayed. An "S" indicates completion of the required three semester hours in Introduction to Special Education. For more information, please see How to read your certificatelink opens PDF document.

    Are Maryland certification tests required to transfer an out-of-state certificate?
    Teachers with out-of-state certificates who can demonstrate years of experience and/or completion of tests comparable to those used for certification in Maryland may be exempt from testing.

    I hold National Board Certification. Am I eligible for an Advanced Professional certificate in Maryland?
    Yes, if you also have 12 semester hours of graduate credit after the conferral of your bachelor's (or higher) degree, and have met renewal requirements, such as the required reading and/or special education coursework.

    How long will it take for me to receive my certificate?
    New hires will receive an email notification from the certification team, sent to their City Schools’ email account, within three to six months. Current employees who are renewing certificates will receive notification within 90 days. Timely processing of certification paperwork is dependent upon receipt of all documents, therefore the timelines outlined begin upon receipt of all required documentation.

    How are certificate validity dates determined?
    All Maryland certificates are issued to begin on January 1 or July 1. If employment begins between July 1 and December 31, the certificate’s issuance date will be July 1; for employment beginning between January 1 and June 30, the issuance date will be January 1.

    How do I renew my certificatelink opens a new window or add another arealink opens a new window to my current professional certificate?
    If you are an employee of City Schools please log in to ERP (employee self-service) and submit your renewal and/or endorsement request.

    * It is the educator responsibility to submit a complete packet to the Certification Office for renewal/endorsement.  The Certification Office is not responsible for incomplete or inaccurate submissions.

    If you are not a City Schools employee, you must contact the Maryland State Department of Educationlink opens a new window for more information.

    Not eligible for certification, but still interested in teaching?

    City Schools has partnered with three organizations that provide alternative pathways to teacher certification. Please reach out to these programs directly for more information on application requirements and program offerings.

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