Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the Code of Ethics

    Who is expected to abide by the Code of Ethics?
    The provisions of the Code of Ethics apply to all Board members, officials and employees of the Board and City Schools, unless stated otherwise.

    Which City Schools employees are required to file financial disclosures?
    Officials required to file include

    • Commissioners of the Board
    • Board executives
    • Chiefs/officers (Chief Executive Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Operations Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Human Capital Officer, Achievement and Accountability Officer, Information Technology Officer, School Support Networks Officer)
    • Deputies, special assistants and executive assistants to the chiefs and officers listed above
    • Executive directors
    • Directors
    • Legislative liaison
    • Audit manager
    • Controller
    • Attorneys in the Legal Counsel Office
    • Staff in the Materials Management department
    • Principals and assistant principals, or their equivalents (e.g., leads or directors)
    • School Support Network facilitators
    • Education building supervisors
    • Any other salaried employee, as directed in writing by the Ethics Panel or CEO, who has decision-making and policy responsibilities or who has the authority to commit City Schools to the expenditure of public funds, including any school official or salaried employee of City Schools whose functions include the development of specifications and/or the procurement of outside supplies, materials or services from businesses doing business with City Schools

    Where can employees obtain of list of the entities that are doing business with the Board or City Schools?
    Please contact the Procurement department by phone at 410-396-8757 for the most up-to-date list of entities doing business with the Board of School Commissioners or City Schools.

    What happens if an employee fails to disclose?
    Violation of this policy shall constitute grounds for discipline or personnel action, or removal from office, consistent with provisions of the Annotated Code of Maryland or the policies of the Board. Persons or organizations found in violation of the lobbying provisions of this policy shall be publicly identified and subject to other penalties as provided by law.

    What is the complaint procedure?
    A person may file a complaint alleging a violation(s) of any provision of the Code of Ethics. If the Ethics Panel determines there is a reasonable basis for believing a violation has occurred, the panel will issue a Notice of Hearing not less than 10 days prior to the hearing. If a hearing is conducted, the panel will, within 30 days after the close of the hearing, issue a written recommendation to the Board and CEO.

    About the Ethics Panel

    What is the Ethics Panel?
    The Ethics Panel comprises five members from the community and is responsible for implementing the Code of Ethics.

    Who may serve on the Ethics Panel?
    A member of the community may serve as an Ethics Panel member if appointed by the Board Chair with the concurrence of the other Board members.

    How long does a member of the Ethics Panel serve?
    Members of the Panel serve for a term of three years.