• Planning for College

    • College Planning: How to Help Your Child Choose the Right College
      What type of college should my child attend? What’s the difference: Liberal Arts College vs. University? Are private colleges better than public colleges? Are four year universities better than community colleges? These are the types of questions that can quickly overwhelm any parent exploring the option of college with their son or daughter. This workshop, presented by Living Legacy Inc., will expose the myths regarding the different types of colleges and the quality of education they provide, as well as show you how to best match a college with your child’s strengths.

    • College Savings Plans of Maryland: Start Early. Save Smart
      The College Savings Plans of Maryland offer a variety of ways to help realize you and your child's dream of affording college. Whatever they'll eventually grow up to be: a lawyer, architect, writer or teacher, saving for college is an important first step in making it happen. The College Savings Plans of Maryland provide flexible and affordable plans to help Maryland families save for future college expenses and reduce dependence on student loans and other forms of debt. 

    • FAFSA Help Session
      Participants will receive assistance in completing the financial aid application process.

    • Getting Set for College and Careers
      The goal of school is to get your child ready to be a responsible, productive and independent member of society. Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that will teach parents what they need to know to help their student get ready for a competitive job environment.

    • Paying for College without Going Broke! 
      According to the Department of Education, about 60% of the financial aid given out in the United States comes from the federal government. But, that alone may not be enough when it comes to paying for your child’s college education. If you want to know how to get the most out of financial aid packages and where to find additional resources then this workshop is for you. Come find out what type of financial aid packages are available and how to search for state aid and scholarships.
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