• Making Smart Financial Decisions

    • Energy Saver’s Workshop: Connecting You to Energy Saving Resources and Opportunities
      Join the Baltimore Energy Challenge to learn how you can reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 12.8%! The Energy Saver’s Workshop will provide families with FREE programs, resources, and energy saving tips to help them save on their energy bills. Qualifying families will be connected to programs that will provide them with free home energy improvements.

      Also during this workshop you will learn easy “DO-IT-YOURSELF” improvements such as:
      • Caulk window and doors
      • Install pipe insulation
      • Install insulating window plastic
      • Install outlet draft stoppers
             FREE Energy Savers Kit will be given! Bring your BGE bill with you and receive another FREE gift !
    • Getting Out of Debt
      Creating Financial Literacy, LLC presents a workshop provides parents with practical steps they can use to create extra cash, and then systematically apply it to eliminate debt.

    • Home Energy Efficiency
      Are you interested in cutting down on your carbon footprint while saving up to 40% on your utility bills? Join Retrofit Baltimore for a discussion on the benefits of home energy efficiency upgrades. We'll talk about the home retrofit process, the financial, health, and environmental benefits of home weatherization, and discuss available rebates and incentives that make this work more affordable than ever!

    • I Don’t Want to Be Rich! I Want to Be Wealthy!
      Creating Financial Literacy, LLC presents a workshop that helps parents develop a simple plan for creating wealth through financial goal setting, creating multiple streams of income, saving and investing, and more.
    • The Baltimore Credit Improvement Program
      The Baltimore Credit Improvement Program is a community-based financial literacy initiative to improve credit as an asset to self sufficiency.  Community Action Centers in partnership with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maryland and Delaware will administer this multi-layered program to include Household Credit Workshops, Credit Report Acquisitions and Review, as well as one-on-one Case Management.

      Attendance is FREE and open to everyone. Click here to view the services that are offered at each Community Action Center.

    • Tips and Tricks for Having Extra Cash
      This workshop provided by Creating Financial Literacy, LLC will teach parents how to identify extra cash within their current income; ways to save painlessly; and how to have family fun while spending little or no money.

    • Understanding and Increasing Your Credit Scores
      Creating Financial Literacy, LLC presents a workshop that will teach parents about what a credit score is and how to get free credit reports. Parents will also learn the two components that make up 65% of credit scores, and how to increase credit scores in these areas.