Applicants for promotion to the Lead Pathway will first need to complete an online form wherein they will provide basic identification information and indicate which of the five investment areas appeal most to them.  Applications will be available in December. In addition to a completed application, applicants will submit two professional letters of recommendation and a resume.  

    Applicants will need to download the attached recommendation guidance and present it to two professional references. These references will then construct and submit letters of recommendation on the applicant's behalf. It is recommended that professional references be individuals who have direct knowledge of the applicant's experiences - especially as related to the five investment areas. (Some examples of strong recommendations might come from past supervisors, present supervisors, or colleagues whom the applicant has worked with while engaging in the investment areas. Please note that all recommendations are weighted equally, regardless of the position held by the person completing the recommendation.) The form includes submission guidance and both recommendations will need to be emailed to the Joint Governing Panel during the application period, which opens in December. Submission of an application does not guarantee placement as a Lead.  Eligible candidates must go through the selection process.


    Once online applications are processed, selected candidates will be invited to an assessment center which will focus on the investment areas for which the applicant stated a preference in their online application. More information about the assessment center is coming soon!


    To be the first to know when updates about the Lead Pathway are released, including key deadlines, follow the Joint Governing Panel on Facebook and Twitter. If you have questions about the Lead Pathway, please contact the JGP via e-mail.