• Supporting Learning at Home

    • Common Core State Standards: New Learning in English Language Arts/Literacy and Math
      For success in life after high school, students need to know how to think critically, solve problems, understand information and express ideas—and they need to learn these skills before they graduate. The new Common Core State Standards are designed to ensure students finish high school ready for success in college or job training. A critical component of children’s success in school is dependent on what and how they learn at home. The “Common Core State Standards: New Learning in English Language Arts/Literacy and Math” workshop will provide information and resources that will help parents and families understand the instructional shifts they can expect to see in classrooms as this new curriculum is implemented and discover fun and engaging activities and strategies to support their learning at home.

    • Family Literacy
      In this workshop presented by Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC), parents will learn how to use every day events, objects, and routines as opportunities to increase literacy. This workshop will show parents that it doesn’t matter what their reading and writing levels are, they can make a difference in their child’s life!

    • Helping Your Student Succeed through Technology
      Technology is making new demands on parents. This hands-on workshop introduces parents to online tools and resources to support their students' academic success whether the computer is at home, in a library or at a community computer lab. Topics include finding resources to build skills, helping with research projects, and encouraging fun learning activities that build on their child's interests. Activities will seek to answer these questions about students and technology:
        • What so Parents need to know and do?
        • What do Students need to know and do?
        • What do Teachers want?

    • It's Online: Using Parent Portal to Support Your Child
      Parent Portal is an online tool to help parents better track and support their child's academic progress. Parents can view grades, attendance, disciplinary actions, as well as progress reports, vaccination records and student homework resources. This training is offered in two sessions to help you navigate the Parent Portal system.

    • Leading with Literacy
      What is the benefit of knowing a good story if you can't share it? Please join the National PTA as families enjoy a morning of fun-filled activities that celebrate the benefits of reading together to increase your child's academic skills. Each family will be given a FREE book for your child's personal library! All are invited to this must attend event! 

    • Raising Children Who Love to Read
      This series of four workshops provides opportunities for parents to succeed in their role as their child's first teacher, and align classroom literacy activities with reading and mathematics fun in the home. Families will receive training, resources and support to fully share in literacy activities. This support is designed to help parents strengthen their own literacy and parenting skills, as they read to and work with their children at home. Parents will be able to use activities that they make at each workshop session.