• Getting Involved at Your Child's School

    • A-F (Grades), MSA’s, HSA’s and Other Important Letters
      How do you really know how your child is doing and what do all these letters mean? Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that will teach parents how to understand their child’s report card, Maryland assessments, and other ways school staff are keeping track of their child’s progress. Parents will also learn how to identify when their child needs help or extra enrichment so he/she can achieve at the highest levels.

    • Becoming a Parent Leader in Your Child's School 
      Are you motivated by a desire to improve your child's school? In today's world of higher expectations for school performance, achievement gaps and shrinking budgets parents may feel bewildered about how they can best help their school. Where do you start? What kind of contribution really matters?  This session addresses these questions and shares tips with parents to help them become leaders in their children's schools. 

    • Building Successful Relationships That Benefit Student Success 
      Building trusting relationships between parents, teachers and school leaders is an important factor for developing effective schools and improving outcomes for students. Presented by the National PTA, this workshop discusses effective ways to strengthen communication and build trusting relationships between parents and teachers. Participants will also gain critical information to help them understand their child’s academic progress and they will discuss strategies for enhancing relationships with school leadership.

    • Building 21st Century Relationships in Your School: How to Improve and Maintain First Class Attendance During Times of Transition
      Great buildings are coming for great kids. What steps are you taking to ensure you are making attendance strides during your time of transition? It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will teach participants how to connect with families and the community to increase attendance as they wait for their new school experience.

    • Can You Hear Me Now? 
      Positive communication in and out of school can set a tone for working together to increase academic achievement. Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that will teach parents how to effectively communicate with school staff and their child to support their success in life.

    • Embracing the Mosaic: Steps to Engaging ESL Families around Attendance
      Don’t let cultural differences become a barrier to your school’s success. It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will aid participants in discovering effective ways to connect with parents and create a welcoming environment within the school that leads to great attendance and academic achievement.

    • Family Science Night
      The Maryland Science Center provides school communities with exciting and fun community-building events that provide engaging, hands-on, informal science learning. Interactive activity stations are designed to provide students at preschool and elementary levels with a range of opportunities in a variety of science disciplines. 

    • Grandfamilies PTSA: Empowering Grandparents & Relative Caregivers to Support Children/Youth's Academic Achievement 
      Grandfamilies PTSA is a community-based PTSA that helps meet the education-related needs of grandparents and others responsible for raising relatives’ children. This family arrangement often brings unique challenges and obstacles, and the numbers of children in these caregiver relationships, as documented by the latest U.S. census, continues to grow.  Grandfamilies PTSA is a valuable link between home, school, and the community.  It offers members information and support that strengthens the families’ ability to understand their children’s educational requirements and needs and to locate necessary resources.  

    • Hosting Meaningful Parent-Teacher Conferences 
      Michelle Green presents a six week workshop series that will teach participants the essential tools necessary to build positive relationships with parents, identify effective outreach strategies to boost parent participation, and develop innovative ways to host meaningful-parent teacher conferences that establish a student-focused partnership between parents and teachers.

    • Implementing Creative Parent Engagement Strategies
      Michelle Green presents a workshop that will teach participants some of the best ways to develop and support recruitment and retention of parents throughout the school year. Tips are shared on how to encourage parents to get involved by sharing their skills, interest, and talents. Participants also learn how trust and clear communication are keys to building positive relationships with all families and increase parental involvement.

    • It’s Never too Late to Start a Tardy Task Force: Steps That Will Get Them There on Time.
      Missing portions of the same class or subject every morning chips away at the foundation students need to master subject matter to progress to the next level. It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will teach participants how they can use the tardy data found in City Schools’ Student Management Systems (SMS) to predict on time attendance trends that may affect their students’ performance. Participants will also learn how to use data to design practices that fit their school’s culture, while involving parents, the school community and staff to remove barriers to on time attendance.

    • Launching and Strengthening Organized Parent Groups at Schools: Let's Get Organized
      Learn how to start an organized parent group at your school or strengthen the group already in place. Strengthen and build your base, increase your membership and establish a group structure that works for your school community. Also, gather organizational tips and best practices for engaging your families. Whether you are a newly formed organized parent group or an existing group, this session is for you!

    • Leadership Training for Parent Organization
      This 90 minute workshop presented by Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life, Inc.(VAEL), assist parents in developing the leader within. Parents will discuss the qualities exemplified of great leaders; analyze their person attributes, attitudes, behaviors; and explore components of building and maintaining productive partnerships with other parents and school staff to ensure the academic success of their students.

    • There is Good in the “Hood”: How to Leverage Neighborhood Partnerships to Impact Attendance
      There are faith based institutions on nearly every corner and many are waiting for your call. Find out how you can put additional hands and feet to your goal of removing barriers to on time attendance in your school. It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will help you partner with organizations that already have resources in place to help support and encourage your school family. 
    • Parents' Rights and Responsibilities in the School System 
      Presented by National PTA, Urban Family Engagement Initiative, this session covers parents' legal rights and responsibilities in the schools specifically in relation to No Child Left Behind policies and parent and student rights such as equal access to public school programs and the rights of English Language Learners. 
    • Positive Ways Parents Can Partner with the Teacher to Create a Healthy and Safe Climate in School  
      Parents and educators share a common goal- academic success for the children. Research shows that a strong relationship and positive communication between families and teachers has a huge impact on kids' grades. Good news!...the same applies for setting a peaceful atmosphere for learning in the classroom. Come learn easy steps from the professionals at Loyola Clinical Center, about your role in making the place where your child spends most of their time a good place to grow into a life-long learner! Help your child & his/her teacher create a setting which makes them both want to be there!

    • Protect This House: What Everyone Needs to Know about Increasing School Attendance
      Take home the tools you need to build, strengthen and maintain an organized, streamlined and effective attendance team. It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will discuss strategies that will show participants how to take advantage of district programs like Breakfast in the Classroom and how engaging parents and the community will go a long way in helping drive attendance in their school. 

    • Putting the Wheels on a Walking School Bus
      Need a way to get your Pre Kindergarten to Second Grade neighborhood walkers to school motivated, safe, energized, and on time for breakfast? Put safety first, It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will provide participants with the facts regarding how to select and train volunteers, recruit families, plan routes and make their walking school bus a huge success. 
    • YOU, ME AND WE 
      Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life, Inc. (VAEL) presents a three part training series designed to serve as a catalyst that cultivates personal relationships, collaborative partnerships, and an all family-school-community inclusive environment. The series will consist of a 90 minute parent workshop, two 1-hour professional development training, and a 1-hour parent/teacher meet and greet. The parent workshop is designed to educate participants on the importance of their role and partnership with the school in developing their children’s academic success. The professional development training is designed to support the school personnel as they effectively leverage parent partnership to improve student achievement (academically, socially and emotionally); by creating a welcoming environment, building personal relationships and the implementation of a parent engagement plan.