• Raising Your Child: Parenting Strategies and Best Practices

    • Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®
      Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®, is a seven (7) part workshop series that provides simple and practical techniques for raising children of all ages, backed by 35 years of successful implementation through the Love and Logic® Institute (LoveAndLogic.com). The Love and Logic® approach helps participants do the following:

      • Raise responsible, respectful children who own and solve their own problems
      • Raise children that are ready for the "real world" and its many consequences
      • Help children develop self confidence and dignity
    The Love and Logic® approach also teaches the participants to have fun while they use it!  Love and Logic® is a philosophy of raising and teaching children, which allows, adults to be happier, more empowered, and more skilled in their interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices.
    • Better Than Bullying
      Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a highly interactive bullying workshop where participants go beyond the process of describing bullying in the educational community. By making connections with school culture and classroom management, we are able to distinguish people enrolled as bullies, targets/victims, supporters and bystanders. Meaningful statistics, useful handouts and legal obligations are reflected in real school stories, by both the attendees and presenter(s). One unique task challenges everyone to examine whether typically females, males or either gender are prone to bullying such as making fun of people versus bumping into someone on purpose. We provide parents with strategies they can use to identify and help their children with these behaviors to stop bullying and/or being bullied.
    • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives: What You Can Say Differently Today to Transform the Tomorrows of Our Youth
      Neuroscience discoveries have revolutionized our understanding of how the brains of our children learn and grow. In particular, brain research reveals how the specific language used by adults who teach, mentor, counsel and parent youth has a much more profound effect on their development than previously realized. Upside Down Organization presents a workshop that teaches the four powerful “Languages of the Brain” that will transform the lives of children. Parents will walk away with a new way of talking to youth that builds resilience, promotes intrinsic motivation, enhances cognitive stimulation and creates kaleidoscope thinkers. What you say matters, more than you ever knew!

    • Childhood Wonders
      Pretend you're an animal, make a shadow print, or build a palace out of blocks. These are the types of activities you and your family will enjoy at a Childhood Wonders Family Workshop. These hands-on informal activities based on the book, The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders, brings families together to spend time playing together and learn how play helps children build essential skills for school and life.

    • Developing Family Resource Tool Kits for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Families
      Transitional grades represent the highest groups of chronically absent students. Want to get your pre-kindergarten and kindergarten families out of the gate running on day one with the right tools and resources they need to begin a successful school career? It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will help participants in discovering how to empower parents as they introduce them to their new surroundings and help them to see the connection between attendance and academic achievement. 

    • Effective and Positive Parent-Child Communication
      Raising children is hard work. Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that sets the foundation for effective, positive, and open communication now while they are still young, so you can avoid headaches later.

    • Empowering Families Moving Through Anger 
      The Family Tree presents a workshop that focuses on helping parents manage their anger so that it does not have negative consequences on their child’s development. Parents learn effective ways to resolve anger and learn a positive parenting approach to raising their children.

    • Fathers Make A Difference
      The Dare To Be King Project presents a three (3) workshop series focusing on celebrating fatherhood and exploring strategies to support healthy bonds between fathers and their children. The workshop series includes the following list of workshops that you may choose from: 

      • Breakfast for Dads
      • Getting Dads More Involved in School Related Activities
      • Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Family
      • Redefining Fatherhood
      • Co-Parenting 101
      • Navigating Child Support & Visitation
      • Expungement 

    • Fueling Achievement: Encouraging Persistence and Motivation 
      We all want to teach our children to persist in the face of challenges and even outright failures. Offering words of encouragement is natural and necessary. Unfortunately, many traditional approaches to praise actually interfere with self-image, making children more afraid of mistakes and setbacks. This 90 minute workshop is presented by Mariposa Child Success Programs. 

    • Guiding Good Choices
      The Family Tree presents a premier, research-based drug prevention workshop for parents of children ages 9-14. This workshop gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children. Parents learn how to help reduce or prevent substance abuse behaviors and other problem behaviors in their children. This program has been honored with Citations of Excellence!

    • Hanging Out & Hooking Up: Preparing Your Teen for Healthy Sexual Relationships
      Presented by The House of Ruth Maryland, this workshop will review the legal definitions for consent and discuss difficult situations that teens may encounter regarding consent. Parents will learn ways to help their teen set healthy boundaries, expectations, and how to engage their teen(s) to talk about sex. 
    • Just For Moms
      The Family Tree presents a 10-week program for pregnant teens and teenage mothers.The program is designed to help strengthen the parent-child bond, develop effective parenting and coping skills, and to explore realistic expectations of child development.
    • Keep the Connection
      Molly B. Koch presents an eight-week series that engages parents and caregivers by discussing the problems faced raising children. Parents will explore the goals, hopes and dreams that they have for their children. Guided by a skilled and nurturing leader, parents participating in the workshops will share what behaviors they hope to see in their children and then learn the best ways to strengthen their relationship. Parents will also learn how to listen, be heard and how to help their children grow as expected.

    • Learning Parties
      Parents and families are a child's first teacher; they help their children grow, learn and develop. Learning Parties are designed to improve the abilities of parents, families, and other early caregivers to support young children's development. Learning Parties are fun, interactive, hands-on, parent/child "parties" that promote the development of school readiness skills of young children. The four-part Learning Party curriculum is available in four key domains of learning or areas of child development: Language & Literacy, Math, Science, and Social & Emotional Development. 

    • Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Skills Modules
      How can families and teachers give kids the life skills they need to cope in our multi-tasking, multimedia, modern world? Ellen Galinsky felt compelled to seek an answer to this question more than a decade ago when her own research showed that far too many young people were turned off to learning—the fire in their eyes had dimmed, if not gone out. Since then, Ellen Galinsky has been conducting an extensive review of the research on how children learn best. She has traveled across the country filming researchers “in action” and interviewing them as they conduct groundbreaking experiments on child development. Ms. Galinsky shares her journey in Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs. She identified seven skills from child development research and neuroscience that help children thrive both now and in the future. Based on the findings in Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, Ms. Galinsky developed the Mind in the Making parent program, an engaging video-based interactive seven-week curriculum that shows parents what the experts know based on her findings.

    • Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in Maryland 
      United Parents of Incarcerated Children and Youth presents “Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in Maryland”, a two day workshop that will explore the history and principles of the juvenile justice system as it relates to family involvement and high-risk youth. Some topics will include:
      • Knowing Your Rights
      • Critical Elements of System Terminology
      • How Community Can Effect Family Engagement
      • Effective Advocacy Skills

    • Pathways in Parenting
      Partners in Parenting, Inc. presents the Pathways in Parenting Program, a 6 week skills-based curriculum for teaching parents and caregivers about adolescents between the ages of 9 -14. This program examines the central issues that remain unchanged over generations of adolescents but have been modified by the pressures of today's society. Pathways in Parenting Program allows for a flexible approach to the consideration of major parenting issues. The following sessions are included within the program: 
      • Session 1: Orientation Explore beliefs, feelings, and attitudes about the process of parenting through introductory information and activities.
      • Session 2: Parenting and Self Esteem While providing general information about self-esteem and its importance in human development, participants will examine parenting strategies that promote children's self esteem.
      • Session 3: Ages and Stages While highlighting characteristics of adolescent development, participants will explore how specific parent/child developmental stages influence parent/child expectations and experiences.
      • Session 4: Parenting Practices While exploring how the family imparts and reinforces skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to children, participants will be provided with information about the role and responsibility of parents in postponing the early onset of sexual activity.
      • Session 5: Decision Making While highlighting the need for decision-making in activities of daily living, participants will improve their parental decision-making skills.
      • Session 6: Closing Activity Ceremony for recognition and acknowledgment of participants who completed the program.

    • Parent UP! Who's Parenting Who? 
      The Berlack Method, LLC presents a two-hour workshop designed to inform parents, students and the community about the “best practices” in raising children in today’s world. Some discussion topics will include: 
      • The Parent Trap
      • Parent interventions
      • Where to turn for parenting help
      • Are you the friend or parent?

    • Parenting in the 21st Century—Internet, Texting, Social Networking
      Middle school has changed a lot since we were in school. While technology is an important tool for communication, research and enrichment, you also need to know how to take precautions. Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that will provide parents with ways they can protect their children from unwanted attention and make them aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of technology.
    • Raising A Reader
      Raising A Reader (RAR) is an evidence-based, scalable and affordable model through which schools can engage families in home-based literacy practices. RAR rotates bright red bags filled with award-winning books into children’s homes on a weekly basis, exposing children, on average, to over 100 books per year. RAR pairs this book rotation with parent training and information on how to effectively share books to promote children’s early literacy skills and nurture a love of learning. Through the program, families are also connected with their local public and school libraries. At the culmination of the program children receive a blue bag to keep and continue the practice of borrowing books and building a lifelong habit of reading. 

    • Raising Resilient Children in a Toxic Society
      The Dare To Be King Project presents a four(4) workshop series that will focus on the challenges of raising children in today's " Microwave society." Presenters will discuss strategies for raising resilient and healthy children, how to establish cohesive family schedules, and how to maintain a healthy balance. The workshop series includes the following list of workshops that you may choose from: 
      • Making the Transition from Elementary to Middle School 
      • Understanding Bullying
      • Monitoring Your Child's Technology (social media)
      • Angry & Adolescent
      • Reading & Writing Strategies for Teenagers
      • Introduction to Mental Health Options
    • Raising Respectable, Well Mannered Children
      Presented by Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life, Inc. (VAEL) is a collection of etiquette and protocol workshops for both parent and child that provides tips and resources needed to develop great communication skills and manners that will allow them to handle themselves with poise, integrity and confidence within any social, academic, and/or professional setting. Each workshop is comprised of two (2) hour sessions.

      • EVERYDAY MANNERS is more than just saying please and thank you. Participants will learn the art of first impressions; introductions and greeting; dress, bathroom and conversation etiquette. In addition to fostering positive character traits such as respect, consideration, politeness and honesty.
      • OUT AND ABOUT (Public Places and Transportation): The Majority of our day is spent moving about throughout our community. Learn proper protocols to navigate through various public venues (school assembles, McDonald’s line or on the bus) with respect and consideration for oneself and others.
      • DINING ETIQUETTE (Informal and Formal Settings). Develop proper dining manners and techniques that will boost both you and your child’s confidence, ensuring a pleasant dining experience in any environment. Learn table settings, napkin & utensil etiquette, proper dining conversations, and dining habits. 
      • MATURING WITH GRACE I: Help your teen navigate through life with poise and grace? Gain tips and resources to assist them in mastering interpersonal skills vital for healthy relationships; handling of day to day interactions and situations appropriately. We focus on Everyday Manners; Out & About; School and Work Etiquette that will insure success in every situation.
      • MATURING WITH GRACE II: Help your teen navigate through life with poise and grace? Gain tips and resources to help your social, tech savvy teen develop socially acceptable communication skills, technology etiquette (phone & internet) and social etiquette (dating, social networks, entertaining etc…).
    • Resilience: Real Tools for Real Success
      Learn practical skills for helping your child thrive in school and in life. Children with Social-Emotional Competence (SEC) are more likely to succeed academically and socially. Without these critical skills, children fall into patterns of disruptive behavior, develop poor relationships, struggle with stress, or are unable to achieve academic success. None of us are born with these important SEC skills, but the good news is that they can be learned! This 90 minute workshop is presented by Mariposa Child Success Programs.

    • Relational Aggression: “With Friends Like These, Who Need Enemies?”
      Relational Aggression is a psychological (social or emotional) aggression used among children, adolescents and adults to manipulate their personal relationships. These types of behaviors can have devastating affects on a child’s emotional and social development. In extreme cases, it may lead to violence or suicide. This workshop presented by Inspiring Change Mental Health Services is intended to equip practitioners, teachers and parents with the skills and resources to address relational aggression issues/behaviors in elementary through high school aged students. The workshop will define relational aggression and provide insight as it relates to gender and development. As well as provide an ecological approach to implementing resources for parents, students, teachers and the school community. 

    • Self-Esteem & Responsibility
      Learning how to love and respect oneself and how to take responsibility is the key to being a healthy adult. Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents workshop that encourages parents to bring their children to an adult/child learning experience where they will discuss self-esteem, respect, peer pressure, responsibility, and gaining independence in an interactive way.

    • Supporting, Nurturing & Strengthening Single Mothers
      The Dare To Be King Project presents a four (4) workshop series that is based on their extensive work with single mothers. The workshop series is being offered for grandmothers and single mothers who are raising male children.  National estimates purport that 70% of black children are being raised by single mothers. This alarming trend has created an enormous set of academic and social challenges for fatherless boys. The workshop series includes the following list of workshops that you may choose from:
      • House Rules for Single Mothers Raising Sons
      • Reconnecting with Dad
      • Co-Parenting 101
      • Makeovers for Moms
      • Stress Reduction (Introduction to Tai Chi)
                 The workshop series also includes copies of "Raising Him Alone" written by
                 David Miller & Matt Stevens 
    • Techno-smart kids: Reducing Cyber bullying, Social Drama and Protecting Kids Online
      Did you know that about 93% of teens are online (ages 12-17) and about one-third of those have been cyber bullied? Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that provides parents with strategies and skills that they can use to address cyber bullying, social drama, and protecting their children online. Parents will learn the steps they can take to install parental controls on their home computers, TVs, and children’s phones and build their children’s techno-smarts.

      *This workshop requires access to computers with Internet.*
    • The Chicago Parent Program 
      The Chicago Parent Program is an innovative and culturally rich educational curriculum that helps parents learn new skills for raising young children. Developed in collaboration with African-American and Latino parents, the program features a combination of video and parent group discussions specifically designed to address the issues of greatest concern to parents raising children in urban environments. The curriculum is grounded in the assumption that parents play a critical role in shaping children's behavior and personality as role models and through their interactions. 

    • The Effects of Absenteeism on Your Child’s Academic, Emotional and Social Development
      This 90 minute workshop presented by Inspiring Change Mental Health Services helps parents and teachers to define truancy as specified by the Maryland State Compulsory Attendance Policy. In addition, participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the causes of absenteeism. These causal factors include but aren’t limited to home, school and personal challenges. Participants will subsequently be informed on how chronic absenteeism can effect a student’s academic, emotional and social development. This workshop will also review how absenteeism can have a negative impact on school and community resources. Finally, information regarding community resources and evidenced based strategies that decrease absenteeism will be made available to workshop participants. 

    • The Importance of Being Involved in Your Child’s Education
      Being involved in your child’s education is more than knowing his/her grades. It is about knowing who your child’s teachers and their friends. Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that will discuss how parents can support their child's development and learning as they move into high school, college and careers.

    • The Judge Has Left the Building: How to Avoid a Trip to Truancy Court
      Not knowing or not following the procedures and policies regarding school attendance could send you to district court. It All Adds up to Five presents a workshop that will provide parents with the tools they need to empower them to make informed choices and to help their child succeed through great attendance. 

    • To Know Me is to Love Me: Understanding Your Child’s Personality Preference, Love Language, Learning Style, Character and Multiple Intelligences
      This workshop series will introduce parents to the essential components that make up their child’s inner workings. Some topics will include: learning styles, personality preferences, love languages, character, and multiple intelligences. Parents will be given tools and resources needed to help understand their child; support their child’s academic success and love for learning; and learn how to nurture healthy relationships, positive self-image, esteem and attitude.

    • The Strengthening Families Program (SFP): For Parents and Youth 10-14
      The Strengthening Families Program, delivered by The Family Tree, is a 14 week resiliency-based family skills program. This program targets at-risk 11-17 year old youths. Both parents and children participate in SFP individually as well as together.

    • The Stress Buster: Pulling the Plug on Your Stress 
      This workshop series provided by the Family Tree is proven to alleviate stress through guided imagery sessions, autobiography statements, and deep muscle relaxation with take away exercises. 

    • Transitions
      Transitioning from Preschool to Elementary School or from Elementary School to Middle School or from Middle School to High School, Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that provides participants with information about what to expect and how to make the most of the experience.

    • Understanding the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process 
      City School’s staff from the Special Education department presents a workshop for parents of children with disabilities and for professionals. This workshop will cover the basic understanding of Special Education and the IEP Process. It will cover basic information on topics such as: 
      • What is special education
      • What is a disability
      • How does evaluation work
      • What is an Assessment
      • Who is on the IEP team
      • What happens at the meeting
      • What does eligibility mean
      • The Parent’s Role at the IEP meeting
      • Resolving differences
      • Resource Assistance 

    • You're Not Crazy, You Are Raising an Adolescent
      Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) presents a workshop that will provide parents with strategies and skills to communicate more effectively with teenage girls and boys. The goal is to help parents and educators understand the social and psychological pressures on teens and the importance of maintaining positive emotional connections. Based on research, focus groups, and clinical experience, the presenter will: describe the ways girls and boys communicate; offer tools to interpret the meanings behind the reserve or silence of boys and the chattiness or talk of girls; and provide strategies to foster communication and connection to cultivate the development of healthy and strong teens.