• Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying (Online course) 

    As adults who care about and for children, you know that bullying causes children great pain and suffering. Whether children are victims, bystanders, or bullies, bullying behaviors hurtThe good news is that we can help. One of the best ways to prevent and address bullying is to enhance social-emotional competence, which helps children to get along with each other, feel good about themselves, problem solve, resolve conflicts effectively, and manage emotions. Social-emotional competence now helps children grow into tomorrow’s healthy, happy, and successful adults.Mariposa Child Success Programs has developed a new online anti-bullying program for Baltimore City Schools’ families and educators. Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying is the result of a yearlong joint development effort between City Schools and Mariposa. Mariposa’s anti-bullying seminars and training programs have been presented in numerous City Schools for several years. A new, free online version of this program is available City Schools’ families, teachers, and administrators. Once your school registers for this workshop, families and educators can easily access online materials and techniques that will help reduce bullying in our schools, homes, and communities.Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying combines education with strategies, allowing educators and families to develop specialized methods for decreasing bullying and improving child outcomes. The online program includes a parent track  and an educator track. Each track provides an introduction to bullying, explores the importance of social-emotional competence, outlines five essential skills adults can use to promote social-emotional competence in young people, and offers specific training methods to effectively use each of those five skills.

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