Tips for Making an Informed School Choice

  • City Schools has dozens of middle and high school options available for you to choose from, including schools with selective programs, career and technical programs, themes that encourage success through the arts or sciences and credit recovery programs.

    City Schools also offers lots of guidance and support to help you find the right school for you. Here are just a few ideas.

    Know yourself

    Ask yourself these questions. The answers will help you get a clearer idea of the schools that may be right for you.

    • What school subjects do you like best?
    • What careers are you interested in?
    • What are your talents and abilities?
    • What clubs, activities and sports do you like?
    • What kind of school atmosphere are you looking for — big or small, near where you live or in another part of the city, with many grades or just three or four, coed or just for girls or boys?

    Know your supports

    City Schools offers support throughout the choice process. You should talk with

    • The choice liaison at your school
    • Your parents, teachers, guidance counselor and other students in your school
    • For detailed questions, Enrollment, Choice and Transfers at City Schools, at 410-396-8600

    Find out about your schools of interest

    Narrow your choices

    Think about the schools that interest you most. How do they compare with respect to

    • How well they meet your interests and will help you reach your goals
    • Programs or themes
    • Parent involvement and input
    • Distance from home, travel time and transportation needs
    • Extracurricular activities, clubs and other school offerings
    • When the school day starts and ends, and how that fits with your and your family's schedule

    Make your decision

    Select the five schools you would most like to attend, and put them in order. (Choice 1 is the school you would most like to go to.) Make sure to submit your choice application by the required deadline.