Interscholastic Athletics

  • Physical health is an essential aspect of overall well-being. In addition to participating in physical education as part of the school curriculum, middle and high school students have opportunities to compete in interscholastic athletics outside the regular school day.

    By playing on a school team, students 

    • Increase physical fitness 
    • Develop physical skills, including strength, coordination and endurance
    • Build self-reliance and emotional maturity
    • Broaden interpersonal experiences that result in social growth and understanding in human relations
    • Gain opportunities to develop mental acuity and effective problem-solving skills

    And school teams contribute to the well-being of the entire school by promoting

    • Understanding and appreciation of the place of athletics in American culture
    • Ideals of good sportsmanship
    • School morale and student involvement in school
    • The school as a community that includes current students, families, staff, alumni, patrons, partners and friends

    Contact individual schools to find out which sports are offered at each of City Schools' middle and high schools, and learn more by downloading the Handbook on Interscholastic AthleticsAdobe PDF icon

    For more information, contact your school's athletic director or district coordinator Tiffany Byrd at 443-642-4148.