Alternative Programs

  • City Schools recognizes that circumstances outside of school can make attending a traditional school difficult for some students, while some students thrive in settings that offer specific supports. That's why the district offers alternative schools and programs designed to help all students succeed academically and graduate ready for college or career training.

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    Accelerator options

    Students can face circumstances that result in their falling behind their grade-level peers. City Schools offers several programs that help middle and high school students get back on track at an accelerated pace:

    In addition to these options, credit recovery and acceleration programs are available at many high schools that also offer traditional courses and scheduling. In these programs, students can make up credits they've missed, or get ahead on credits to graduate in a shorter time frame or open space in schedules for internships or other opportunities. Please contact City Schools at 410-396-8600 to find out about the option that's right for you.

    Health concerns

    When students cannot attend school because of medical, physical or emotional conditions, City Schools' Home and Hospital program can arrange for instruction to be delivered at home or in hospital settings, or by telecommunications and home visits.

    Behavioral concerns

    When there are concerns about a student's behavior or a student is in emotional or behavioral crises, several programs offer both academic and behavioral supports. Students are referred to these programs by district staff in Enrollment, Choice and Transfers or Suspension Services.

    Incarcerated youth receive educational programming at Eager Street Academy.