Home Schooling for Residents of Baltimore City

  • Parents or guardians who wish to educate their children at home must do so in accordance with Maryland law (Annotated Code of Maryland 13A.10.01new window) and must also submit a completed Home Schooling Notification formword . Please keep in mind that students must remain in school until the notification form is submitted and processed, and a home schooling enrollment letter is issued by City Schools (or other state-approved entity). In general, parents/guardians should submit the notification form at least 15 days prior to the date on which they wish to begin home schooling their children.

    For more information about home schooling, visit the Maryland State Department of Education websitenew window, read this FAQlink opens a PDF document, or contact City Schools at 410-396-0775.

    Portfolio of materials

    Parents/guardians who do not elect to follow correspondence courses under the supervision of an approved nonpublic school or religious organization must maintain a portfolio of student materials for periodic review by City Schools staff. The portfolio should include

    • A lesson plan or schedule
    • Samples of relevant instructional and reading materials
    • Adequate dated and graded samples of student work for each subject throughout the period of instruction, including work resulting from the included lesson plan or schedule
    • Samples of tests or assessments
    • Photographs, certificates, awards or journals (all optional) to document work

    The portfolio should be assembled in a tabbed notebook or pocket folder, with work arranged chronologically within subject areas. A composition or spiral notebook should be included for each subject.

    The portfolio will be reviewed in a face-to-face session with City Schools staff, lasting approximately 45 minutes. Students are welcome to accompany parents/guardians to the review meeting, but it is not necessary.

    Portfolios will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    • Acceptable. There is clear physical evidence of the subjects taught and that instruction is regular and thorough.
    • Acceptable but needs better evidence of instruction. The portfolio does not clearly demonstrate that regular, thorough instruction is being provided. In this case, parents will be asked to make adjustments for future submissions.
    • Unacceptable. There is no evidence of instruction. Portfolios receiving this rating must be revised and reviewed again within 30 days.