Registration and Enrollment for Nonresidents of Baltimore City

  • Students whose parents or legal guardians do not live in Baltimore City can enroll in a Baltimore City public school only after all eligible city residents are accepted.

    If a nonresident is accepted and enrolls in a Baltimore City public school, he or she is required to pay tuition as set each year by the Baltimore City Board of School Commissionersnew window. Tuition payments, which can be made in full or through a monthly payment plan, must be accompanied by a payment authorization form. City School's tuition rates are as follows:

    • For Pre-k to grade 5, $10,000.00
    • For grades 6 to 12, $10,000.00

    For questions about tuition payments, please contact the Fiscal Management department at 443-984-2664.

    Tuition waiver requests

    Tuition may be waived for nonresidents of Baltimore City if

    • the household has suffered from undue hardship (financial or otherwise) or
    • the eligible student’s parent or legal guardian is a full-time or part-time City Schools employee.

    Those requesting a tuition waiver because of hardship should contact Enrollment, Choice and Transfers at 410-396-8600. Please note that tuition waivers are granted for a single year; parents/guardians need to reapply for each new school year.

    For full- and part-time City Schools employees who live outside of Baltimore City, dependent child tuition waivers are available as a benefit of employment. (Contractual and temporary employees are not eligible.) Children must first be enrolled in City Schools; contact Enrollment, Choice, and Transfers at 410-396-8600 for procedures and forms. The Employee Dependent Child Tuition Waiver form is then submitted through eForms, through the ERP Portalnew window

    Tuition waiver requests can be submitted throughout the year, but employees are advised to submit Dependent Child Tuition Waivers as early as possible.