District Office Directory

  • Click a link below or at left to find responsibilities of each office and contact information for offices and departments. For general inquiries, please call the district office's main phone line at 443-984-2000.

    Board of School Commissioners

    • Ethics Panel
    • External Audit
    • Internal Audit
    • Parent and Community Advisory Board

    Chief Executive


    • College and Career Readiness
    • Special Education
    • Strategy and Compliance
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Whole Child Services and Support (including suspension services; enrollment, choice, and transfers; and interscholastic athletics)

    Achievement and Accountability

    • Data Monitoring and Compliance
    • Knowledge Management (including student records)
    • Research
    • Student Assessment


    • Budget
    • Fiscal Management (controller)
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Payroll
    • Procurement

    Human Capital

    • Employee Effectiveness
    • Employee Engagement
    • Human Capital Strategy
    • Labor Relations and Negotiations
    • Recruitment and Staffing Services
    • Talent and Organizational Development

    Information Technology

    • Application Services
    • Customer Care
    • Infrastructure Services


    • Equal Employment Opportunity and Title IX Compliance
    • Legal Services
    • Minority and Women Business Enterprise
    • Staff Investigations


    • Administration (including real estate permits)
    • Facility Design and Construction
    • Facility Maintenance and Operations
    • Health and Safety
    • Mail Distribution
    • Transportation

    Schools Office

    • Academic School Support
    • Instructional Leadership
    • School Police
    • Student and School Operations Support