Blue Sky Experience

    Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Elementary & Middle school is experiencing a renaissance and we need to ensure that our teaching methods keep up with the sweeping change happening in education, within the school and in the community. The Blue Sky Experience is an innovative and ambitious project that will build usable and sustainable outdoor classroom space for students from all over Baltimore City.

    Unlike other city schools, it is furnished with a wealth of green space that is terribly underutilized and underfunded. It would allow for all students, city-wide, to experience nature and greenery in an other-wise 'concrete world' they live in. It would epitomize what an urban green environment could look like and change the way they learn forever.




    Looking for a way to support our youngest 21st Century Scholars? Consider supporting Mrs. Brelsford, our STEM teacher in her plans to purchase Ozobots- developmentally appropriate equipment for our younger students to use in our Maker Space.




    From Ms. Norris, our new Music Teacher:

    I want to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed, so I just created a request for my classroom at DonorsChoose.org: Make Some Music!




    We need help organizing a science and STEM lab for the elementary school students and teachers at FSK!

    An Amazon wish list has been created. The plan is to reach this goal by American Education Week: November 13-19, 2016


    Wish List FSK STEM and Science Library



    If you would like to donate, please have books delivered to your house or sent directly to Ashley Demski at Francis Scott Key Elementary Middle School 1425 E. Fort Ave. 21230.


    Another way to contribute to the STEM lab is to collect household items to be reused or recycled.

    We are looking for the following materials:

    • -Pieces of cork (yes, wine stoppers are great!)

    • -Any kind of blocks or Legos

    • -Paper/ Plastic cups and plates (Leftovers from birthday parties works! The kids like the decorations and details.)

    • -Small action figures/ dolls

    • -Plastic toy animals

    • -Magnets

    • -Toy cars, vehicles with wheels, trains, boats, etc.

    • -Ice cube trays

    • -Old cake pans, cookie/ baking sheets

    • -Balloons

    • -Bubble wrap

    • -Packing peanuts

    • -Any kind of ball (tennis, kickball, soccer ball, beach ball, golf ball, basketball, etc.)

    • -Sponges

    • -Cove molding or scrap wood to build ramps

    • -Hula hoops

    • -jump ropes

    • -timers/ stop watches

    • -toilet paper/ paper towel tubes

    • -Glass baby food jars

    • -Old light bulbs

    • -book shelves (we need about 2-3)

    Looking forward to turning your old supplies into something new for our amazing kids!

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Ashley Demski

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Francis Scott Key Elementary Middle School #76