• College is a Must!

    College is important to me for several reasons. First, college is important to me because I can get a better job by going to college. If I do not go to college, I will not continue to learn, and I would not be able to get better jobs. Some jobs require a Master’s degree. I am determined to get a Master’s degree.

    Second, college is important because having a college job will equip me to become a teacher. I want to be a teacher because I want to help kids. When my teachers were in college, they learned how to teach. I know having a college degree will help me to become a better teacher.

    In conclusion, going to college is good decision. I will never forget my visit to the University of North Carolina. UNC is a very good school. I want to attend that college because my brother goes there, and I look up to him. Going to college is important to me.

    -          I’Man Brooks

    Why College is Important to Me!

    College is important to me for several reasons. First, it is the next step to an amazing career. College can help me gain access to a wider range of job options and help me develop my lifelong learning skills. I can go to one of many great colleges or universities, like Morgan, Bowie or North Carolina State University.

    During my research, I learned that more than half of college students get financial aid. I will have financial aid to help me go to college. I also learned that the more time you spend in college, the higher your salary will be.  College is important to me because a high school diploma will not best prepare me for my career.

    Getting ready for college requires a lot of time, effort and careful planning by me and my parents. I am ready to work hard for my future. One of the best things about getting a college education is that I will have more job options. There’s one thing I know for sure: I’M GOING TO COLLEGE!

    -      Brashia Roane

    College is Important to Me!


    College is important to me for several reasons. College is the key to life. A college education can get me out of a minimum wage job and into good paying work that I will enjoy. What I learn in college will help me get the very most out of life!

    Also, I can make more money with a college degree. The more time I spend in college, the more money I will make. Higher paying jobs require a college education. Going to college will give me more job choices. I have learned that different career fields require different levels of education.

    A college education will help me in life. A college degree will help me achieve my career goal of becoming a chef. I will graduate college.

    -      Destiny Turner