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    Name: Svetlana Milhaykova
    Email: SMikhaylova@bcps.k12.md.us
    Phone: 410-42-3650

    I was born in a historical town next to the boarder of Estonia, named Ivangorod. It is not far from Saint-Petersburg (the north capital of Russia). I finished my school there and studied in another famous historical city of Russia - Pskov. I graduated from” Pskov State Pedagogical University named by S.M.Kirov” and came back to my school, but this time to teach.

    My Teaching Philosophy:

     I worked at school 16 years as an elementary and ESOL teacher. During my teaching career I was searching and studying the factors which affect on effective formation and knowledge development, that is necessary to participate responsibly in a changing world, help students become successful in the future. With students I focused on their individuality because it is very important to me as well as their interest and will to study, that is why my teaching motto is “We do something well only if it is interesting and we keen on it”. To make studying interesting I use  modern technologies widely and different types of lessons such as: games, adventures, holidays, drama, competitions; individual, group and work in pairs. As a result my students participated and took awards from different district and regional contests. Myself, as a teacher, I took part and won the district contest for the teachers “The Teacher of the Year – 2010”. That was a great challenge in my life.

    My family:

    After getting married I relocated to the USA, where eventually came back to the work of my life, I came back to school! There are two sons in my family: one already has his own life and lives in Russia, and the smaller one is with me. I was his teacher of English at school in Russia and felt very proud that coming here he could pass all the ESOL tests and became an honor student last year.
    My hobbies:



        Have picnics with my family and friends

    My life motto is “Always go forward to achieve your goals and never give up!”




      Svetlana Mikhaylova