• Basketball


       Dear Parent or Guardian,


                      Welcome to Armistead Gardens Elementary Basketball!   Believe it or not, basketball season is upon us and the coaches are ready to get to the court and get the athletes ready to compete.   There are a few things we want to make sure you are aware of which is why this letter is in your hands.   Please take a few moments to read through the details below. If at any time you have a question during the season, please ask!


    While safety is our foremost goal underlying everything we do in basketball, our team goals established by our coaches for this season are as follows:


                      -- Undefeated season

                      --Personal Records each meet by our athletes; when possible, break records throughout the season

                      --Team unity, modeled and encouraged by teammates

                                           .with respect, loyalty, and honesty to all

                                           .cheering on teammates showing our Armistead Gardens Pride

                      --Create fun while working hard

                      --Learn techniques for warm up/cool down, for event, for competition, for life


     We look forward to the time we will spend coaching your athlete as we work toward our team goals and individual goals this basketball season.  Thank you for the opportunity to coach your son or daughter and your commitment to basketball as well, due to the time and sacrifice this entails for you.  



    Coach Alonso

     410-396-9090 (school)

    Armistead Gardens Elem/Mid School #243



    1. Students must have a signed parent permit on file prior to the start of practice on.  This verifies that our student athletes understand the academic eligibility, style of dress, behavior, etc. that we expect to have exhibited throughout the season.



    2. Attendance

    Our philosophy is that if you are on a team…you commit to being with the team during practice and games.


    3 Practice—See Schedules on main page

    4. Dressing for practice and games—

                      Clothing… Students MUST HAVE: tennis shoes, basketball shorts, and a t-shirt to practice in each and every day.  Students will be dismissed from practice if they are not prepared.

                     Uniform/Equipment…Athletes will be given a uniform.  We ask that athletes take good care of the equipment and the uniform distributed to them for the season. If any of these items are lost or damaged, the athlete must pay replacement costs.


    5. Academics are important to all of us. Encourage your child to keep their grades up. If they are struggling, we may ask them to sign up for homework help (COACH CLASS) after school to raise their grades. Students must pass all of their classes to be on the basketball team.  Remember students are academic athletes, Academics comes first, then Athlete.  If at the end of the quarter grades are not where they need to be, students will be dismissed from the team.


    6. Respect and good behavior at all times shown toward coaches, teammates, teachers, peers, and other schools. Consequences may include additional workout at practice, limited time on the court during games, removal from game(s), or dismissal from the team. This will be up to the coach’s discretion.  Athletes represent themselves, their parents, the community, the school, their teachers, & their coach.  They are to represent all of these in a good light.

    7. Transportation: This is a league that is set up between schools.  It is not a city funded program.  Due to that, we do not have buses for our away games.  Students must find transportation to the games.  In the past, parents have helped by carpooling the students to the games.  If you cannot transport your child to the away games, please consider signing below to give permission for your child to ride with a fellow student’s guardian or with the coach.  If you are driving your child to the away games, please let the coach know if you are willing to carpool other teammates.


    8. Physicals: student must have had a physical by a doctor within the last year.