Human Capital Office

  • The Human Capital Office leads City Schools in attracting, developing, evaluating, engaging, and retaining high-quality leaders for all roles at all levels, ensuring equity, excellence, and opportunity in support of improved student outcomes.

    Contact information

    200 E. North Avenue
    Room 110
    Baltimore, MD 21202
       Phone 410-396-8885
       Fax  410-545-0897

    Chief Human Capital Officer
    Jeremy Grant-Skinner (email)

    Key staff
    Shauna Anthony, special assistant (email)



    Employee Effectiveness

    Creates systems and tools for meaningful, results-focused evaluation of all staff.

    • Key staff: Jessica Papia, director (email)

    Employee Engagement

    Provides personalized customer service for all employees from on-boarding through retirement, and manages all benefits programs. This department works to improve employee satisfaction and workplace culture through regular engagement with employees and recognition activities.

    • Key staff: Charles A. Hall, Jr., director (email)

    Human Capital Strategy

    Provides employee data and analyses to support management and employee engagement.

    • Key staff: Drew Monger, manager (email)

    Labor Relations and Negotiations

    Implements contracts fairly and resolves elevated labor management issues.

    • Key staff: Jerome Jones, director (email)

    Recruitment and Staffing Services

    Advises principals and supervisors in their role as human capital managers; supports school and department leaders to recruit, develop, and retain teachers and other staff; and leads centralized recruitment for all positions.

    • Key staff: Sarah Diehl, executive director (email)

    Talent and Organizational Development

    Facilitates learning and leadership development to cultivate a culture in which effective staff members are valued, challenged, and celebrated. This department manages programs that give school leaders and staff opportunities to grow as professionals and develop leadership skills.

    • Key staff:
      Ashley B. Stewart, executive director (email)