Information and Expectations


    2017 Track and Field

    No Excuses

    1. Students must have a physical and a signed parent permit on file prior to the start of practice.


    1. AttendanceOur philosophy is that if you are on a team…you commit to being with the team during practice and meets.

                     If a student attends school, they are expected to be at practice.  If they are sick, injured, or fail to bring proper clothing; they are to remain at practice with the coach to support the team emotionally and mentally improve themselves.


    1.  Practice—Practice will be from 3:00pm – 4:00pm with field events (Long Jump, Shot Put, & Hurdles) unitl 4:30pm


    1. All athletes will be required to run/jog one lap daily and stretch at the start of practice as a warm-up and at the end of practice as a cool down.  If you can’t do one lap yet, you will with practice from us and commitment from you.


    1. Dressing for practice and meets—

                      Clothing… Athletes need to be prepared for any kind of weather at all times (rain, snow, sleet, wind, sun, hot, cold, etc.).  Students MUST HAVE: tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt to practice in each and every day. 

                     Uniform/Equipment…Athletes will be given a uniform and sweats on the day of the meet.  Athletes will also use different equipment throughout the season and they may be asked to help carry the equipment from one location to another. We ask that athletes take good care of the equipment and the uniform/sweats distributed to them for the season. If any of these items are lost or damaged, the athlete will pay replacement costs. Please wash all Uniforms in Cold water and hang dry so that they may last longer.


    1. Students may NOT leave a meet early; we are a team and need to cheer each other on as a team.  All students must return to school on the bus.  NO EXCEPTIONS


    1. Academics: they are student athletes, Students first, then Athletes.  Athletes are expected to maintain passing grades and seek Homework Help or Coach Class.  If students see a teacher for help, they are expected to do so immediately after school and report to practice as soon as they are done.


    1. Respect and good behavior: student athletes represent more than themselves when they attend meets.  The represent their parents, family, coaches, teachers, classmates, teammates, this school, and the AG community.  They are to be remodels for their peers and ambassadors of this community by displaying at all times respect, ignoring bad behavior, and representing AG in a positive light.  


    1. Failure to abide by these expectations will result in consequences which may include additional workout at practice, limited events in a meet, removal from events in a meet, or dismissal from the team. This will be up to the coach’s discretion.