• Engaging Families and Communities in Building Your School's Budget

    Keeping the school community informed about budget priorities and involved in the budget making is critical to ensuring the success of the process. Here are some resources to help you share information and enlist the help and support of families, partners and stakeholders.

    School community budget forum

    School leaders must schedule a budget forum to gather input from their school communities in advance of preparing their budgets for the upcoming year and must inform your FCE specialist of the date. Below are sample documents, in Word format, to assist in planning, publicizing and gathering information for your forum. Please download the documents you require and customize them for your school (you will be required to submit these customized documents when you submit your budget for approval).

    To receive copies of the above documents in Arabic, French, or other languages, please contact Marc Laveau.

    Community budget review

    After your budget is submitted, you must hold a Community Budget Review to share the submitted budget with families, partners, staff, and your school community. Additional information and resources will be available shortly.Below are sample documents to download to assist in planning and organizing your review.

    School Family Council and parent feedback 

    After your initial budget is submitted and within three days of your required Community Budget Review, the chair of your School Family Council and a member of your Advisory Team must submit feedback using the budget feedback survey.