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    II.       Conducting a Family Meeting

    III.       Family Syllabus

    IV.       Activities

     V.       Character Theme: Positive Attitude

    ·Keep a Positive Attitude

    ·Positive Speech

    ·Positive Thought



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    Family Home Evening Project

    Character Theme:
    Positive Attitude



    Positive Attitude is the power that drives you to SUCCESS


    Maintaining a positive attitude even in difficult situations is important character skills that will help students achieve success. Students need to learn to recognize the causes and results of negative attitudes and see how changing negative attitudes affect others around them. They can then work toward changing negative attitudes into healthy ones. Having a positive attitude equip students with the ability to learn and grow through their fears and frustrations and interact appropriately with others.



    How to Conduct a Family Meeting


    Family meetings help busy families stay connected. Other benefits of this simple tool are improved communication, self-esteem, emotional support and problem solving.



    Steps to conducting a family meeting



    ØSchedule a time for meetings, and post it where everyone will see and stick to the time. If parents/adults are committed to the project, it will have more impact.

    ØShare the purpose of the family meeting

    ØSet the norms at the beginning of the meeting and remind everyone to contribute to the conversation, listen to others , and to be supportive, not critical

    ØDecide who will lead the discussion


    Use the Go-Around method for discussion (giving each family member the opportunity to respond to the topic).


    Discussion Topics for January


    Character Theme: Positive Attitude





    Leader Comments


    Keeping a Positive Attitude




    Positive Speech





    Positive Thoughts













    Keeping a Positive Attitude


    Discussion Topics(the leader must review the discussion topics to prepare for the family meeting)


    ØDefine and discuss what “attitude” means.

    ØDiscuss what helps everyone have a positive attitude at home, at school, and with friends.

    ØDiscussion what makes everyone have negative attitudes at home, at school, and with friends.

    ØDiscussion what can be the result of negative attitudes. Everyone share experience. Explain that when they control their negative attitudes, everyone will feel better about themselves and may prevent negative consequences.

    ØHave everyone share experiences where they changed negative attitudes into positive attitudes. Discuss how everyone changed their attitudes and what happened.

    Positive Speech


    Discussion Topics(the leader must review the discussion topics to prepare for the family meeting)


    ØDiscuss the power of words to communicate ideas feelings from one person to another.

    ØHave everyone share about times when people spoke negative or critical words to them.

    ØDiscuss how everyone felt after those words were spoken to them.

    ØHave everyone share about people who have spoken positive words to them. Discuss how these words made everyone feel about themselves and the people who spoke them.

    ØHave everyone share about times when they have spoken negative words to others. Discuss why they spoke these words, how the other person felt, and how they felt. Explain that speaking negatively can provoke others, does not show self-respect, and does not make you feel better about yourself. Positive words have a positive effect on both you and the person spoken to.


     Positive Thoughts


    Discussion Topics(the leader must review the discussion topics to prepare for the family meeting)


    ØDiscuss how much television and films affect people’s thoughts. Explain that visual images can have powerful impact on our minds.

    ØHave everyone share about the television programs they watched last night. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of how people and relationships were portrayed.

    ØDiscuss a TV program most children are familiar with. Discuss the attitudes and choices portrayed and if the program can create positive or negative thoughts about others.

    ØHave everyone share about thoughts they have had that have led to specific actions.

    ØDiscuss the subjects of songs everyone listens to and the kinds of thoughts the songs can generate.





    Discussion Topics(the leader must review the discussion topics to prepare for the family meeting)



    ØHave everyone share about things that they were thankful for.

    ØDiscuss why thankfulness is an important character quality. Explain that being thankful keeps people from becoming bitter, helps sthem appreciate the good things in tsheir lives, and allows them to keep a positive focus.

    ØDiscuss what would happen if people were not thankful for things in their lives.

    ØDiscuss ways that everyone can show gratitude to others, including friends and family.


         -thoughtful actions