• Union Learning Representative FAQ


    1.      What is a Union Learning Representative (ULR)?


    A BTU Teacher Level Member who advocates for the professional growth of colleagues by ...

    • helping colleagues navigate career pathways 
    • pairing colleagues with opportunities to improve practice
    • assisting colleagues to formulate new AU-worthy proposals
    • supporting colleagues to align their practice to professional goals

      2.      What is the purpose of the ULR work?

    • Support colleagues around PD and other learning opportunities
    • School level support on navigating self-paced career advancements and promotion opportunities

      3.      What are the expectations of a ULR?

    •  Host School-level Forums
    • Attend Monthly ULR Trainings
    • Maintain & Submit documentation on time

     4.      How will serving as a ULR benefit me professionally?

    • ULRS who successfully engage the accountability measures for the entire school  will earn 3 AUs
    • ULR experiences and documentation speak directly to Developing as a  Professional and Leadership 

    5.  What are the criteria for being a ULR?

    • Tenured
    • Current BTU Teacher Level Member
    • Efficient Communicator
    • Collaborative Worker
    • Excellent Time Manager
    • Technologically Proficient 

    6.  Can I be a BR and a ULR?

    • No.  A teacher level member of the BTU can only serve as one or the other per school year.

    7.  How do interested teacher level staff apply for the position?

    • If you are interested in becoming a Union Learning Representative, please contact the ULR Coordinator at ULR@bcps.k12.md.us.