• Fresh Start Campaign

    Goal: The Beechfield Elementary Middle School Family will work together

                to enhance, rejuvenate, and reestablish our vision of excellence.

    Objective #1:     Develop positive attitude and perceptions

                                     for all staff, students and parents.

    a.    Review all expectations for student behavior and academic achievement.

    b.   Schedule Town meetings for each grade level.

    c.   Plan and implement class meetings.

    d.   Follow-up with meetings during Social Studies -40 minutes.

    e.    Share Fresh Start with Parents and their role to help.

    Objective #2:  Establish a goal for each academy/grade/class/ student for the


    a.    Entering the building

    b.   Leaving the building

    c.   Cafeteria routines

    d.   Transitions

    e.    Reading & Mathematics

    f.    Positivity / Choosing the Right

    Objective #3:  Plan and implement learning walks to monitor campaign

                                  objectives, goals, behavior and academic achievement.

    a.    Establish a schedule for walks.  

    b.   Determine the focus for walk.

    c.   Plan how the feedback will be shared with teams, parents and students.

    d.   Decide who will provide follow-up.

    Objective #4:  Exhibit goals, weekly progress and other activities.

    a.    Establish incentives for the teacher, class and individual students for progress and projects.

    b.   Have the class review the goals each week and the progress made.

    c.   Modify the goal if necessary.

    Objective #5: Plan a culminating activity.                                               

    a.    Students

    b.   Parents

    c.   Staff


    Objective #6:  Hold collaborative planning meeting to follow-up staff meeting and review affective and cognitive activities for improving student performance-  attitude, behavior and academic achievement.