• HHA Curriculum

    Hampstead Hill Academy is committed to providing all students with an academically rigorous and engaging education that meets each child's individual needs and pushes him/her to excel.

    Direct Instruction (DI)
    In grades Pre-k-5, the Direct Instruction program is utilized as the primary reading, language and spelling curriculum. Direct Instruction is a research-based, data-driven model that emphasizes teaching concepts to mastery. Students are placed in instructional groups based on their individual needs. All skills and concepts are explicitly taught in a highly-structured learning environment and practiced until students are capable ofHHA students on a field trip performing the tasks independently. This program has proven to be successful with all learners, including students with special needs and high performing students. We are proud to share that over 95% our students are placed in groups on or significantly above grade-level.  "What did my child learn in school today?", read the Parent's Guide to Direct Instruction.  Also, to learn more about Direct Instruction, read “Clear Teaching: With Direct Instruction, Siegfried Englemann Discovered a Better Way of Teaching” by Shepard Barbash. 

    Singapore Math
    In response to the Secretary of Education's 2009 call for math education reform, HHA piloted a new mathematical program,  Singapore Math. The program, based on the highly successful instructional practices in Singapore, balances both creative thinking and problem solving with basic fundamental drills. At its core, the program seeks to provide a solid foundation in number sense, an area which research has proven to be most important in understanding how to build complex mathematical concepts. This program is used in grades K-7.  City Schools' Math Works program is used in grade 8.  

    Middle School Grades
    The goal of HHA’s middle school curriculum is to best prepare our students for high school and beyond. In language arts, writing is an essential skill and practiced frequently. Students are exposed to a variety of writing styles including research papers, poetry and creative writing. Students also participate in novel studies throughout the year. In math, students learn algebra to prepare for the HSA algebra exam.  In science, students cover a range of concepts, beginning with Earth and Space Science in 6th grade, Life Science in 7th grade and Physics in 8th grade.  We are proud to offer our middle school students a full 90 minutes of science instruction each day. 

    Watch HHA Middle School In Action


    Leaders Go Places - HHA Middle Grades Incentive Program                                                    HHA is proud to be entering the fifth year of Leaders Go Places (LGP), HHA’s middle school incentive program. Over the past four years, we have seen tremendous growth in our students as they learn what it takes to be a leader in our community. LGP acknowledges and rewards students for SCHOLARSHIP (determined by grade point average), LEADERSHIP (determined by positive behavior points), and CITIZENSHIP (completing community service projects).  These leadership qualities are not only essential to student development but are also important in the high school admissions process.

    Every HHA middle school student has the potential to achieve a leadership level every quarter (or roughly every 45 school days). To be “on level”, students must meet all three criteria for that level. 


    Percent of Positive Points

    Grade Point Average

    Community Service


    95% of points

    3.9 GPA

    6 hours


    90% of points

    3.6 GPA

    5 hours


    85% of points

    3.3 GPA

    4 hours


    80% of points

    3.0 GPA

    2 hours

    Students will receive points (+ and -) for various behaviors.
    On-time Attendance (Daily Point) +1 
    Merit for Positive Behavior +1     
    Tardy -1
    Unexcused Absence  -1
    Demerit -1
    2nd Demerit/Teacher Conference  -2
    3rd Demerit/Restorative Referral -3 
    Detention -4 
    For more information on Leaders Go Places, please e-mail Mr. Mike Lucas at MLucas@bcps.k12.md.us.
    We will continue to use Class Dojo as the primary way to notify you if your student has been assigned study hall and detention. When a teacher or staff member assigns a student a detention and/or study hall you will receive a message from the Class Dojo application on your smartphone or email (if you set up that preference). Please check your email and app regularly to be informed when your child is required to stay afterschool. Both study hall and detention run until 3:30 pm afterschool. Students who are assigned both study hall and detention in the same day are required to remain at school until 4 pm. 

    Your Class Dojo account information from last school year will not change. You should be able to log in and continue to use the application as usual; however, you will notice your student is listed in different classes. If you do not have an account, please email Mr. Lucas (MLucas@bcps.k12.md.us) to receive your account information.

    Parents and families play an important role in encouraging student achievement. We stand ready to work closely with you to support your child achieving a leadership level.

    Common Core State Curriculum (CCSC)
    The state of Maryland has created a new curriculum based on the national Common Core State Standards which lists standard goals and expectations by grade-level in language arts and math. One of the goals of the CCSC is to improve college and career readiness for all students.  All teachers at HHA are expected to integrate the rigorous standards into most academic lessons. 

    Science/Food for Life
    In every grade-level, students have opportunities to learn about the world around them in science class. Students learn through hands-on experiments and projects. In Food for Life, students learn about healthy eating and have an opportunity to taste new fruits, vegetable and dishes. Learning about the HHA garden is also part of the Food for Life curriculum. The garden allows the students hands-on opportunities to learn both about plant biology and nutrition. To expand on the education of the natural environment, students in grades pre-k-3, take part in classes provided by the Patterson Park Audubon Center. The Center provides structured education programs to actively involve HHA students in the natural environment of Patterson Park.

    Gifted and Talented Students                                                                                        HHA is a Maryland Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education (EGATE) school. For our gifted and talented students, HHA uses a variety of measures to identify and serve students who exhibit an exceptionally high level of performance in one or more subject area. Our Gifted and Talented Placement Team will work to determine the most appropriate way to support the gifted learner, which may include differentiated curricula, acceleration opportunities, and a wide variety of special projects. Gifted programming occurs in collaboration with the classroom teacher and the GT/ Enrichment Director and will occur both in the classroom setting and the enrichment resource room. 

    Resource Classes
    Enrichment also extends outside the classroom though a variety of resources made available to students. Resources include: band/orchestra, physical education, art, health, food for life, drama, Spanish language, library and nature exploration. All students have five resource periods per week.
    Special Education/Intervention
    Although the majority of our students are placed on or above grade-level, HHA also has an excellent special education/intervention team that works with students requiring additional attention. Our special educators work with classroom teachers to provide the most successful environment for children with special needs to meet their individual goals.