• AHES partnerships are organized under the umbrella of The Window Project. The Project is a knowledge capture and knowledge management venture of AHES. The contribution of each partner engaged through The WIndow Project will be documented, coordinated, monitored and displayed in the AHES Constellation Partnership Suite.
    AHES hosted a working partnership breakfast in the spring of 2011. The purpose of the breakfast was to introduce potential partners to the AHES vision for the school and community; give them a window seat to see our students and faculty in action and ultimately hear their thoughts about ways to help AHES its vision and mission. Approximately 30 red envelope with gold seal invitations were sent to various stakeholders, including faith-based organizations, business, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and other non-profit organizations. We also honored and heard from existing partners. Approximately 25 people attended, including AHES faculty, staff and students. The following partners have committed to clean windows to help us see the possibilities; lift windows so that we can get fresh ideas; and window watch to see the transformation our efforts will achieve.

    Since that time, we have hosted an annual partnership breakfast. This partnership breakfast was facilitated by Mrs. Brenda Gillard our Educational Associate. Check our school calendar for this year's partnership events!
    - Science
    -College and University
    - Visual and Performing Arts
    - Family and Community Engagement
    - Local High School and Middle Schools
    We are excited to work with the following partners 2013-2014:
    Baltimore Westsiders
    Hope Community Ministries
    St. Edward's Catholic Church
    Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
    House of Refuge International Church
    Social Security Administration
    Edmondson Westside High School
    Holistic Life Foundation
    Arts Every Day
    Experience Corps
    Mercer Dance Company
    Winchester Rosemont Community Association
    The Maryland Food Bank
    The Power of One Foundation
    The Pencil Partnership
    Experience Corps
    Universal Daycare
    Evangelist Peggy Carmichael
    Urban Teacher Center (UTC)
    Baltimore City Teacher Residency
    The Jewish Volunteer Connection
    Futures Academy, Incorporated
    Ree Roberts and Associates
    Success for All Foundation
    Raise A Reader
    The Boy Scouts of America
    The Masons/Men in the Mirror