In order to be considered AU worthy, professional development must include:
    • A complete cycle of development during which participants learn, implement, reflect, receive feedback, and share.
    • A connection to standards - (i.e. local, state, national, discipline, and organizational).
    • A minimum of 15 hours - (15 hours = 1 AU).
    • A product output - (i.e. lesson plans, unit plans, data analysis, questioning, assessments, work performed by students, differentiated materials, etc.)
    • Intellectually engaging and rigorous activities that address the needs of adult learners.
    • The modeling of best practices.
    • A focus on content and pedagogy and how students learn best.

    To view current or upcoming professional development opportunities, please visit the Professional Growth section of City Schools Inside by clicking here

    If your school, office, or department is interested in sponsoring an AU-approved PD, please contact the Office of Teacher Support & Development at pd@bcps.k12.md.us to request information and the Course Creation Guide. You can also obtain a copy of the Course Creation Guide for new PD proposals by clicking here or you can download the required re-approval course template by clicking this area.  Please note: Confirmation of approval to offer a course is only for the dates and times on the approval.  Additional course offerings must be submitted on the 2018-19  PD re-approval course template.