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    A, B, C - Not yet Grading

    The new Power of “I”

    What is Not Yet Grading?

    In an effort to ensure all students master the content specific standards and do not fall behind—students will be given opportunities to make up, re-do, and re-submit their work through out thequarter. It is important that all students pay close attention to the grade closing period during eachquarter. Make up work can not be submitted within five days of the closing period. All work isimportant, therefore we expect you to make up all class work and assessments. Teachers will providethe opportunity but it is your responsibility to attend coach class to take advantage of thisopportunity. In order to redo work you must attend a coach class/Saturday School session.

    All students will have the opportunity to re-do their work. If you received a C, you should redo thework for a higher grade. If you turned in an assignment that was not complete they assignment willreceive a NOT YET or I in the grade book. This is not the same thing as a zero. The NOT YETsignifies we are still waiting for the work and that you will turn it in.

    If you do not submit an assignment on the due date the highest grade they can earn is 90. But oncegiven feedback on that assignment the student still has the option to re-do the assignment.The new Power of I is designed to give you a chance to be successful! This is not a punishment oran opportunity to take advantage of the system. Instead you should think of this a chance to ensurethat you are prepared for your future. If you chose not to take advantage of the Power of I pleasedo not expect to be given extra credit or alternative assignments. Remember you must takeresponsibility in your academic success or failure.

    Grading Policy

    %Category# of Assignments
    (includes Tests, Quizzes, Standards Based Projects)
    15Homework9 weekly grades
    15Class work
    (expectation is that class work receives a numeric grade) Formative assessments go here
    15-20 grades
    Warm Ups, Procedural, Exit Slip, Discussion, Focus,
    40 daily or 9 weekly grades