• Individual Success Plans

    Every student who attends the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy will have an IndividualSuccess Plan (ISP) and a teacher advisor. They will meet with their teacher mentor in their advisoryclass. The ISP will include students’ personal and academic goals, strengths and weaknesses,disciplinary logs, work samples, assessment scores, and other materials; these plans will be overseenby the ISP advisor. The intent of these plans is for students to become more personally invested intheir educations.

    ISP meetings, in which the student planning and goal-setting occurs, will take place up to four timesin an academic year. ISP meetings will include the student, their parents or guardians, and their ISPadvisors, so that everyone can have a voice in review the student’s academic past planning for thestudent’s future academic growth and development. It is important that students and parents attendthis meeting; transcripts and current behavior referral will be discussed and reviewed. This allowsfor you (the student) to take responsibility for your academic growth and to have a voice in thedirection you will take in your post secondary studies and career.