• Guidelines for Student Citizenship

    Students at this school will have the opportunity to gain a valuable education that will prepare themfor both the rigors of college as well as an entry-level position in the fields of health or science andmath. Students must agree to dedicate themselves to achieving this education. This will be students’first priority while at school.

    Students must recognize that it is only possible for them to excel as a scholar if they exemplify thebest conduct they are capable of at all times. They will do their best to become a productive part ofthe school community by being outstanding citizens.

    Being an outstanding citizen means that students will:

    • take initiative in respecting all the members of my school community.
    • participate in the positive culture our school espouses.
    • act as a leader and model of good conduct.
    • work diligently to achieve the best for themselves and their colleagues.

    Students will understand that their parents, guardians, and advocates will be working together with their teachers and administrators to ensure that they make progress every day.