• Career & Technology Education


    Mr. Carter
    Level I Course – 9th Grade (1 Semester)
    Foundation of Technology
    All 9th graders are required to successfully complete this one-credit course in order to earn a State of Maryland High School diploma.  Students will explore the six CTE pathways listed below in order to make an educated decision on the one pathway they will choose to enter for the duration of grades 10, 11 and 12.
    Mr. Smith
    Level I Course - 10th Grade
    IT Essentials Fundamentals
    Students will study introduction to information technology including an overview of IT, math for the digital age, and introduction to networking using the Cisco Academy curriculum.
    Level II Courses - 11th Grade 
    IT Essentials Advanced/CCNA Discovery I
    Students will study personal computer maintenance, safety, and troubleshooting in the IT world using the Cisco Academy curriculum. 
    Level III Courses - 12th Grade
    CCNA Discovery II/Cisco Passport
    Students will learn how to install and configure switches and routers in multiprotocol networks using LANs and WANs, provide level I troubleshooting, and improve network performance and security. Students will also prepare for the A+ and/or CCENT certification exam.

    Students must complete 4 sequential CTE credits and sit for the certification exam in order to earn a CTE completer certificate.  Student must pass a certification exam in order to earn an official MOS, Oracle, Cisco, Adobe, STARS or MTA certification.