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    Dear DHHS Parents, Students, and Families,

    Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. This year promises to be a year filled with opportunities for all students to take advantage of our academic programs and Career Technology Pathways.   I am excited about the new school year and look forward to continuing the positive momentum toward ensuring that all students are college and career ready.  The school year officially begins on Tuesday, September 4th starting at 8:00 AM. 

    I would like to extend a special invitation to all students and families to attend “DHHS Sneak Peek” on Wednesday, August 29th.  See the flyer included in the mailing.  Sneak Peek is an opportunity for students and families to obtain student schedules, locker assignments, take ID/One Card pictures, pick up uniform orders that have been placed, place new uniform orders, and turn in emergency forms, prior to the 1st day of school.   There will be an opportunity to meet teachers during Back to School Night on Monday, September 17th at 5pm.

    Students, it is important to start the year positively and to put forth maximum effort throughout the school year.  You should make sure that you:

    • Attend school each day
    • Arrive on time for classes
    • Complete and turn in homework assignments
    • Focus in class from the first bell to the last bell
    • Invest time in studying 
    • Be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible
    • Participate in at least one extracurricular activity, club, or sport

    Parents, you can help your students reach their highest potential by attending parent/teacher conferences, attending school functions, and participating in the School Family Council. Your participation and support are essential to our success and are very much appreciated.  We will continue to work to make our school a place where students are safe, respected, and encouraged.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 443-984-1256 or  Please refer to the important information found on the back of this letter.


    Shannon E. Mobley, Principal

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    Student Schedules:

    Students will receive their schedules at Sneak Peek (August 29th between 8:30pm and 3pm) or on the first day of school September 4th.  No schedule changes will be made on opening day.  Students will need an appointment with their counselor for schedule changes.



    • All students MUST be in uniform on the first day of school. The official uniform shirts with the logo and other uniform attire can be purchased by ordering from Allena Graphics on-line at  Uniforms can be ordered online and picked up at Digital Harbor to avoid shipping fees.
    • Digital Deals are used shirts and pants that can be purchased for $5.00. See Dr. Bowden in the 3rd floor office for 10th – 12th grade used uniforms and See Ms. Williams in the 1st floor office for 9th grade used uniforms.
    • Students cannot carry backpacks or wear coats or hats in school. Sweaters or sweatshirts must be plain black and have no hood. Shirts can be worn underneath the uniform shirts but they must have white or black sleeves.   Sandals, flip flops, high heels and excessive jewelry are not permitted.



    The One Card will be the official student ID and bus pass for this school year.  This card must be worn around your neck on a lanyard.  ID/One Cards pictures will be taken at Sneak Peek.  Replacement cards are $10.00. 


    If your student travels by car, please drop students off on Covington Street beyond the bust stops near the parking lot entrance.  Please do not drop students off on Cross Street because it impedes traffic.  Students are not permitted to park on the parking lot or the gravel lot near the practice field.  Any car parked in these areas without a Digital Harbor parking pass will be towed.







    Uniform – 9th grade-royal blue polo shirt with compass logo,10th-12th light blue or white polo shirt with compass logo, khaki pants, flat shoes, plain or logo black sweater or sweatshirt. (NO hats, coats, hoodies, sandals, heels, excessive jewelry, packs or big bags allowed.) Long sleeve black or white t-shirts can be worn under the logo shirt.

    Logo shirts must be ordered from ALLENA GRAPHICS Package deals available. Click on Custom Store

    Fax 888-674-2393 Voice 443-306-0944

    Mailing Address:  Allena Graphics, P.O. Box 312, Walkersville, MD 21793



    ID tag/ONE CARD worn around the neck on a lanyard. Picture ID/Charm Cards are issued by the school. DHHS lanyards are sold in the school store.

    Replacements: $10 for ID/Charm Card, payable in the main office, and $2 for lanyard in the school store

    Loose leaf 3-ring notebook (8.5x11inches and at least 2-3 inches thick)

    At least 2” thick; no spiral notebooks; no over-the-shoulder big binders

    Loose leaf 3-ring notebook paper (8.5x11”)

    At least 3 packs; lined; 3-hole punched

    Graph paper (8.5x11”)

    3-hole punched; ¼” grid

    Notebook dividers with tabs

    At least 2 sets of dividers; teachers will give instructions for tab names


    At least 3; blue or black only 

    Pencils with erasers & sharpener

    At least 3; #2 soft

    Pencil case that clips in notebook



    No white-out


    Yellow and pink

    Composition book

    Black and white marbled cover

    Index cards

    2 packs; regular size; not large

    Book bag, back pack or tote bag

    (mesh or clear –preferred)

    Must be kept in locker

    Texas Instrument graphing calculator

    TI84 PLUS- ($120)

    *This is NOT required, but strongly recommended


    Will be used all years at Digital Harbor, for the SAT, and in college. Etch your name on it for security. Look for back to school specials at all stores, e.g., Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, and Sam’s Club. Also, check AMAZON for used calculators.