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Possible technology service interruption.

On Friday, September 29, 2023, between 6 and 8 p.m., City Schools will be updating our technology infrastructure. This maintenance may cause intermittent service disruptions to all City Schools' technology services. This includes any systems that require internet access and cloud-based services. Please plan accordingly. 

Expires in 9 hours

Fraternal Order of Police Agreement

Baltimore City Public Schools works to ensure fair, equitable, and competitive working conditions for all employees. As part of that effort, the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners approved a new agreement with the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) that provides City Schools Police employees with pay increases that align with their peers in other local jurisdictions. 

Highlights of the agreement are listed below. Our school police officers are critical to supporting student and staff safety and building and maintaining relationships as mentors, coaches, and more. Our officers not only enforce the law like their peers in other jurisdictions, but they also personally connect with students to prevent missteps from occurring. We are committed to recruiting and retaining our officers in an increasingly competitive hiring environment. 

Overall, City Schools continually collaborates with its bargaining units to ensure agreements that support competitive working conditions. In the last 12 months, City Schools has also completed updated agreements with Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel (PRSP) and American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees/Local 44 that improve pay and working conditions. We also continue to negotiate with other bargaining units to ensure their salaries are competitive with their industries. 

Key points of City Schools/FOP agreement 

  • Two-year agreement (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2024) 
  • For FY23, school police will receive a one-time stipend equal to 2.25% of their current salary and $2,500.  
  • This is similar to increases in new agreements with Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel (PRSP) and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees/Local 44 
  • For FY24, the starting salary for City Schools Police officers will be $60,000 to be competitive with surrounding jurisdictions. 
  • City Schools Police officers will now have a 30-minute paid lunch. Previously, officers had a 40-minute unpaid lunch.