• High School English 

    Lead Content Teacher: Ms. Wallace
    English I - Ms. Bakari and Ms. Dennison
    English II - Ms. Chanillo and Mr. Jefferson (SPED)
    English III - Ms. Heffelmire 
    English IV - Ms. Bakari and Mr. Jefferson (SPED)
    PRIDE English I-IV - Ms. Branch
    Creative Writing - Ms. Wallace 
    English class at ACCE is not just about reading and writing. We believe that every student should receive a well-rounded English curriculum including performance, speech, vocabulary enhancement and discussion-based learning. In every grade level, students will read a variety of novels, plays, poems, short stories and non-fiction pieces closely and carefully. They will use what they learn from these great literary works to enhance their own writing. All students will be given the opportunity to select their own books to read independently during class time. Reading should be pleasurable, and we want all students to become life long readers. At the end of each instructional week, we participate in class-wide Socratic Circles where students are encouraged to discuss and debate literature, current events, and essential questions of the course. The ACCE English teachers are committed to providing rigorous and engaging lessons for their students.


    For more information:
    • Please see class websites on Blackboard.
    • http://www.libraryspot.com/ - Provides an online “reference desk” to navigate the web for free library sources.