• Dear Parent/Guardian:


    I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation and you are ready to send your children back for a wonderful school year!  As always, the safety of our school, learning for students, and a positive, respectful and celebratory atmosphere is primary.  Below are items to keep in mind as we begin a wonderful, new school year.


    Arlington’s School Vision


    Teamwork makes a dream work:  We are a student-centered environment, focused on working collaboratively (parents, community members, and staff) to provide the necessary tools, empowering students to realize and accomplish their aspirations.




    Students will receive an ID card they MUST bring to school EACH day.  This system will track the arrival time of all students and award points to students that are on time, and in full uniform.  The card will also allow students’ access to the MTA during entry and exit hours.


    Please assist us with ensuring all visitors in the building have a visitor’s badge. 


    We will continue to have various drop-off and pick-up zones located around the campus. We will also have a staggered entry and exit so younger sibblings are picked up in a timely manner.   


    -Drop-Off:  Parents/guardians are asked to drop students off at these zones between 8:40 and 8:45 so students are prepared to enter the building when doors open promptly at 8:40-8:45.  Students are not permitted in the building prior to 8:40 unless there is inclement weather (severe storms or temperatures below 32 degrees).  In that case, students will report to the cafeteria from the rear entrance.

    -Pick-Up:  Early dismissals must be prior to 3:00.  Students will not be released from classes after 3:00.  This disrupts end of the day procedures and routines for classes.  We ask that parents remain in the PICK-UP zone for their children, who will be released promptly between 3:20-3:25 pm. 


    Zone 1: 4th, 5th and 6th grade (In the front of the building using the main entrance) Enter 8:40; released at 3:20.

    Zone 2: PreK and K (Drop-off is the Tot Lot and Pick-up is either the Tot Lot or outside in front of the classroom door.  PLEASE refrain from knocking on the door or entering the classroom/school prior to dismissal). Enter at 8:45; released at 3:25.

    Zone 3: 1st thru 3rd grade (In the rear of the building using the rear entrance.  Students arriving after 9:00 should use the main entrance to be issued a late pass). Enter at 8:45; released at 3:25

    Zone 4: 7th and 8th grade (Outside the gate of the second modular building.  Students arriving after 8:15 should use the main entrance to be issued a late pass. Enter 8:40; released at 3:20.


    ALL students are expected to be on time (9:00) and in full uniform! If you need uniform assistance, please contact the school immediately.  


    **Attendance in school is mandatory for ALL students EACH day and ON TIME.  Attendance is the first step to ensure the academic success of children.  ALL students with perfect attendance from September 1st to September 30th will go on a special trip J.  Parents, ensure your children are present and on-time each day. 


    -Pre-K to 6th Grade: Yellow shirts and navy blue uniform bottoms

    -7th Grade: Navy uniform shirts with Khaki colored uniform bottoms

    -8th Grade: Black uniform shirts with khaki colored uniform bottoms


    I will continue to work with every parent, guardian, community leader and school partner to ensure that ALL children of Arlington Elementary/Middle School receive the best education possible.  If we work together as a team, we will ensure academic success for ALL students.



    Ms. Emily Hunter, Principal