• Assistive Technology

    The Assistive Technology Team (ATT) is part of the Related Services Office in Baltimore City Public Schools. Assistive Technology is the broad range of services and devices designed to ameliorate the educational challenges faced by individuals who have disabilities. This device/service is determined by the IEP team and must be considered for every student receiving Special Education. (IDEA of 2004)

    ATT members complete assessments to determine the need for Assistive Technology devices and/or services in the area of augmentative communication and a documented fine motor/visual perceptual motor based written communication deficit. The ATT also provides Assistive Technology services to those students who require continued training, consultation to school staff on the integration of the equipment into the curriculum, and professional development in the area of Assistive Technology.

    • Student Assessment
    • Equipment placement and set up for individual student needs based on the Assistive Technology Assessment
    • Equipment maintenance for individual students who received their equipment from the Assistive Technology Team
    • Student, staff, and parent training
    • Software training
    • Professional development
    • Lending Library

    The Assistive Technology Team is located in the Technology Training Center @PDC:
    2500 East Northern Parkway, room 127
    Baltimore, MD 21214
    Phone: 443-642-4516